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Snowberry Clearwing Larvae Pupating

The Snowberry Clearwing (Hemaris diffinis), a type of Sphinx moth, is one of several daytime-flying “hummingbird moths,” so-called because of their ability to hover while drinking nectar from a flower, and because of the humming sound they make, much like a hummingbird. 221 more words


Monarchs Reign

A small number of monarchs usually visit my garden in late October but this year I have been spotting one or two at a time for the past month. 123 more words


All Natural Bee Balm

I love the idea of swapping out commercial products for all natural products, whether store bought or homemade. It is terrifying to think about how many toxins we absorb every day by using chemical based products whether topical or ingested.  421 more words


Bee Balm, Horsemint, Wild Bergamot

How many names does one flower need? I prefer Bee Balm because there are usually big, fat bees lighting on them. These are just gorgeous and are extremely plentiful on the Cow Creek Trail.

Monarda is for Pollinators - Bee Balm is the BOMB!

Scarlet bee balm, Monarda didyma, is a pollinator favorite in the garden. The red bloom of bee balm makes it especially attractive to hummingbirds. Red-flowering natives are few, but it is a mid-summer delight to gardeners who like seeing the hustle-bustle of life in the garden. 484 more words


The Lamiaceae

The Lamiaceae (the “-aceae” ending, pronounced “A-C-A,” always denotes a family) is a large and widespread plant family that includes over 230 genera and 7,000 species, mostly forbs (non-woody flowering plants) or small woody plants. 444 more words


7/10/15: In the garden this week

The garden changes so quickly in midsummer that I thought you would enjoy seeing the same views for a couple of weeks in a row. Compare this photos with last week’s—there’s not quite as much yellow as I expected, but the Rudbeckia is certainly primed to take over. 678 more words