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Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Beef Bacon

I realize I might be alienating the children of the world by writing this, but I have to say it: I love Brussels sprouts. Always have, always will. 479 more words


Beef-Bacon Pizza

Recently I was browsing the local-meat section of an Idaho market when I came across a lone package of beef-bacon. Of course I know what bacon is and I’ve been known to eat… 706 more words


Easy Beef Barley Soup

This super-easy recipe cooks up to an unctuous creamy almost-stew in a crock pot (the slow cooking really develops the barley’s creaminess); when done on the stove top it takes much less time and produces a soup  with more distinct vegetables, meat and grains. 133 more words

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Chicago Style Burgers with Beef Bacon.

Hello everybody.

Nice sunny day after a gloomy rainy week,feels great to have your coffee outdoor with some delicious biscottis.

Lunch was fresh Chicago style burgers from… 46 more words

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Beef Bacon BLT Pizza (Gluten Free)

Looking for a different pizza? Give Beef Bacon BLT a try. Of course, if you don’t have beef bacon you can use your favorite pork variety. 85 more words


Beef Bacon BLTs (Gluten Free)

Everyone knows how to make a BLT. Beef Bacon and gluten free bread help me to put a little spin on a classic sandwich.

Cook the beef bacon under the broiler, set to high. 87 more words

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