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Cheshire's Beef Burger

Right, hello Alice, would you not want to try my Burger? Hmm? If I were you, I would just eat it right away. Why not fish, you ask? 303 more words


Ostro Eatery *Rockingham cafe*

We had chance to visit Rockingham and looked for delicious food as usual! :D
Ostro Eatery is facing to the beach side and feel the breeze from the sea while you enjoy your delicious meal! 232 more words


Baked-Burger Buns

Healthy Baked Burgers

Oh yes! You read that right. Baked burgers in the bun in the oven. Okay. Okay. I am stopping the innuendo and share the recipe. 153 more words

German (Saxonian) Recipes

All the Glistening Beef

Glistening and beef are not two words that you would necessarily associate with each other. Beef can be tender, juicy, medium-rare and melt in your mouth, while glistening can be used to describe the sun bouncing off the ocean, a disco ball rotating on its axis or an athlete’s brow after an intensive work-out. 843 more words

Super Simple Burger Recipe

So we were a bit bored last night and decided to film our dinner preparation!

Presenting our Youtube video of a super easy burger recipe fit for a lazy Saturday night lie-in. 17 more words

Beef Burger


Firstly you will need a good butcher.  I use Hards family butchers in Halstead, Essex.


A mixture of minced chuck, brisket, short rib and beef fat.  145 more words

Gluten, Dairy and Nightshade Free Beef Burgers

Fast foods never step foot in our household; however that does not stop us from eating the healthy version of fast foods. These beef burgers are so fresh and delicious that you simply would not want them to finish. 219 more words