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BB #45 – Jerky Jerks

If you live in the USA and watch TV, you’ve probably seen the “Messin’ with Sasquatch” commercials advertising Jack Links Beef Jerky.

But have you ever really… 363 more words


For the love of Jerky - Alien Fresh Jerky, Baker

If you ever come to Baker, CA (couple hours away from Vegas towards Yosemite direction)

Do stop by at Alien Fresh Jerky, we 💜💛💚💙❤️ their jerky. 32 more words


Ground Beef & Turkey Jerky

What do you do when there’s only one piece of the homemade beef jerky left? Do you leave it or eat it? I have to admit, I did pause for a moment…. 365 more words

Preserving food and cooking for long term camping

During these hot months in Slovenië, I learned a valuable lesson on a level that I haven’t been challenged before.

As temperatures daily raise above 35 celsius, I learned how fast food goes bad. 1,585 more words

How To

Karl’s Biscuits and Beef Jerky Gravy

More than forty years ago, I visited my second cousins in “Pleasant Valley,” Arizona. While I was there I had one of the most memorable meals of my life, biscuits and beef jerky gravy served with a side of fresh pinto beans. 1,058 more words


Millennials are turning to this meaty treat

Consumption of meat snacks — often dehydrated salted meats like jerky — have increased by 18% among adults over the last five years, according to research firm NPD. 179 more words


Jack Link's Shrinks: Beef Jerky Downsized

On a recent trip to Target, Jack Link’s made us as mad as a bull- pun intended. See why, below. (Click to enlarge.)

We reached out to Jack Link’s for comment on their beef jerky downsizing, but so far, we have not yet received a response. 212 more words