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Old Cowboy

Old Cowboy ( a  double slimverse)

bowed legs

straddling a

ghost horse, beef

jerky thin


Inn, buffet

breakfast, far

from the range.


Southfork Beef Jerky Sausage Recall [US]

US/Washington: 4 Frendz, LLC. recalls an estimated 497 pounds of Beef Jerky Products due to suspected under-cooking/processing and potential bacterial pathogen survival, both serious health hazard. 418 more words

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Friends Of Friends Of Friends

Stopped at a carry out today to pick up some extra toilet paper and gum balls for Mr. C. Cow. Gum balls help to prevent him from chewing on door knobs. 133 more words

Second Life

497 pounds of Beef Jerky products Recalled for Under-Processing

4 Frendz, LLC., Clarkston, Washington, is recalling approximately 497 pounds of beef jerky products due to under-processing and potential survival of bacterial pathogens in the products. 225 more words

Family Safety

Recipe: super, ultra, mega backpacking jerky

Really it’s just lazy mans beef jerky. I absolutely love beef jerky on a long days hike, unfortunately for me, finding good beef jerky in Sweden is a near impossible mission. 349 more words


The Belle and Bull: a Bourbon Bloody Mary

Pick a rye-forward bourbon with a bit of spice instead of vodka for your next Bloody to take the character level of this go-to day drink to the next level. 338 more words

Day Drinking

Lunch time! (#WW/#WBW)

My lunch today reminds me a lot of what I sometimes had to eat for “cold lunches” when I was in elementary school in Fort Dodge. 27 more words