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How To: Beef Jerky Bouquet & Valentine Napkin Fold

My husband is always a pain to shop for around Valentine’s Day. As I’ve mentioned before, he doesn’t like sweets very much. To make matters worse, right now he’s on a diet. 758 more words


Beef Jerky, Test Batch 2.1

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A day after preparing the marinade for the 2.0 batch of jerky, I made a significant flavor improvement and a costly mistake. 194 more words

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Wild West Beef Jerky Packaging

In South Africa, we take biltong very seriously. Entire stores and brands are built around our love for dried meat. This makes it so interesting to see how these types of products are branded in other countries. 81 more words


Beef Jerky, Test Batch 2.0

For the meat used, I purchased two pounds of USDA Choice beef chuck pot roast (boneless) at $3.61/lb. The other ingredients used were already owned. 253 more words

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My little sister, who appears to be beef jerky kind of girl, has explained to me that this is pretty good. Who else has tried them? 11 more words

Beef Jerky Jalapeños

Beef Jerky, Test Batch 1.1

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Today the marinade I prepared was finished after spending 24 hours in the fridge. Per the recipe instructions, I placed each piece of meat in between two layers of plastic wrap to pound into thinner strips. 332 more words

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Beef Jerky, Test Batch 1.0

For the meat used, I purchased one pound of USDA Choice beef round top round steak at 3.12/lb. The other ingredients used were already owned. 154 more words

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