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Excalibur Beef Jerky. A Humble Brag.

Hello, Hello, and thank you for reading what will undoubtedly be a very self-indulgent post!  I have just learned how to make my own beef jerky, and I am like a proud new parent! 350 more words

Food Dehydrator

Grave Wrongdoings and a fine dessert

Grave wrongdoings can often be mended with some flour, sugar and butter.


Jerky 1.0: The Best Beef Jerky You’ve Never Had

Literally translated, this meat is called, “Meat from heaven”. Hmm… Doesn’t leave much to the imagination does it? It’s sweet, aromatic, oily, and even for a jerky, somehow succulent. 463 more words


Halfway there, livin' on a prayer...

Whole30: Day 16

Over halfway through….and I’m fine. Really. I made it through the long weekend unscathed!

Well, for the most part. I’ve found the best way to avoid temptation is to…well avoid pretty much everything. 370 more words


If I wasn't supposed to eat all the food then why is it so delicious?

Whole30 Countdown: T-Minus 2 days

I had a very busy weekend; I had to finish all the beer in my house, and eat strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream for breakfast. 336 more words


Drying out

I am moderately entranced with my $19.99 dehydrator.

So far, in addition to the maiden voyage with cucumbers and bananas and cherries, I have made jerky. 686 more words

Canning And Preserving

Assorted stuff in the kitchen

Monday seems to have become my by-default kitchen day, but for the fact that yesterday it was a kitchen morning, as I had a work commitment Monday afternoon, so I got up and got at it early, mostly because I had to clean the joint up after the usual disaster that is Sunday dinner. 534 more words