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The Truth About Whales, Children's Homes & Horrible Jokes

“I mean yea, that’s a good call, I almost went off right there for a second”

Bergen, Norway. A gem of a town with the same wildly overpriced everything that’s ubiquitous nationwide. 581 more words

An Inside Look at Charqs Smok'n Tender Grilled Pork Jerky

Greg Schweiner is the man behind Charqs Smok’n Tender Grilled Pork Jerky, which is a relatively new product finding its place in the world of dried meat products. 1,033 more words


Beef Jerky, Chilli Pickles and Lager

Following Louise’s recent work trips to different states of America, she has bought me back a few different samples of beef jerky to try. Inspired by what I had tasted, I wanted to give it a go myself. 929 more words

How to Eat Well on Trail

When you are spending an entire day transporting everything you need to survive up and over mountains, food becomes amplified in importance. It is no longer just three meals a day;  it is the gasoline that fuels us forward; it is a currency; it is a reward as precious as a pot of gold for a long, hard day’s work!  683 more words

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This is a subject I was going to address over the winter for new hikers starting next season, however as the saying goes, "Why re-invent the wheel?" I hope you enjoy this very informative and well written post by Mountain Crossings At Neel Gap. :)

Quantity by Costco

Hey Kids,

A co-worker explained to me that his wife gets mad at him when he buys a bag of Beef Jerky at Costco and then proceeds to eat it until it’s all gone. 28 more words

Life's Truths

Spring Fever: Nation Holds Breath as Dads Decide if We will have Six More Weeks of Winter

Clad in denim shorts and white New Balance sneakers, thousands of dads gathered at Home Depots all across the country this past weekend for the annual Dad Day Phenomenon. 272 more words