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Brown Rice Pilaf with Lentils, Beef, and Bell Peppers

I created this dish because I wanted to make something that was both very nutritious and also tasty. I don’t believe in ‘super foods’ (which is mostly a way to make you pay more for foods that aren’t necessarily more nutritious), but I do believe in eating foods that are nutritious because they are high in protein and fiber. 545 more words


We're still here , Kapish!! ...Beef Lasagne

Staying a bit longer in Italy…

I know lasagne is a winter dish and we’re experiencing another heat wave in Cape Town at the moment, but this is a wonderful dish to make on a Sunday for the week. 530 more words


Meatball Stir-fry

I am always looking for healthier (beef) mince options!  I saw a picture of a ‘meatball stir-fry’ dish online or in a magazine recently (can’t remember where – expose myself to wayyyy too much info on a daily basis!).  219 more words

Meat Dishes

Phat Kaphrao (Thai Beef Mince with Basil & Chilli)

Quick and tasty, phat kaphrao (Thai Beef Mince with Basil & Chilli) is a great dish for anyone who wants some authentic Thai flavour in a hurry!  627 more words


Things I have been cooking lately #140: Sweet potato cottage pie

As the weather gets colder and the wind blows harder, my craving for comfort food just keeps increasing… and what could be more comforting than cottage pie. 248 more words



I make a lot of omelettes and usually make them with the same base– eggs, milk, veggies and cheese.  The rest just kind of depends what’s in the fridge.   559 more words


Mia's Spaghetti Bolognese for the Clark Family Offspring to refer to - easy peasy promise :)

This blog started life as a handwritten notebook of recipes that I use on a fairly regular basis. The cunning plan being that my offspring would be able to refer to it and use it in their teen and adult lives to enable me to have more freedom!!! 638 more words