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My First Pie

This takes us back to around the time of my birthday, which was already just over a month ago. I’ve had my share of Pukka Pies and I’ll occasionally try one when out for a pub meal. 529 more words


Red hot chilli and corn bread

Living in  Canada was a great experience in many ways, but one which sticks in my mind was competing in a chilli cook off.  I thought mine was hot, but compared to some, it was a mere spag bol sauce.   264 more words


Cottage Pie

Summer has officially ended. I can’t kid myself anymore and this past week it was as if someone had turned on a tap. A very big Heavenly tap and the rains came down. 626 more words


10th April 2014: Cottage pie and bean pie

One of the (many) problems with our kitchen is that only three of the cookers on the hob work. And this needed four. This called for frequent juggling of which pan was on the heat, but it all worked out in the end. 145 more words

Bolognese Sauce

When I looked for a recipe for Bolognese sauce, I found numerous versions of it. Some even recommended using celery and carrot as well. What I discovered was that you can use any combination of ingredients, but beef mince and bacon are a must, and the sauce should be cooked to almost dry consistency. 175 more words


Beef koftas with Indian inspired flat bread

This recipe is diverted from the old classic koftas.  Instead using lamb mince, I chose to use beef instead. I serve them with my home-made Indian inspired flat bread plus a dollop of cooling sour cream. 483 more words