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Beef Noodle - Restaurant Lai Foong

This beef noodle here is good in fact better than good. The recipe is from the Hainanese version. Always pack during lunch hour so be there before or after lunch to enjoy the meal. 20 more words


Beef Noodle - Shin Kee Beef Noodles Specialist

Nothing else is sold here but beef noodles. Very cozy place and can only accommodate a few tables. Assorted noodles to choose from and the beef option is meat, meat balls and tripes. 33 more words


Hawker Food - Restauran Makanan Sun Sea

My first time in this area and basically I am here for 3 things the pork noodles, Penang curry laksa and beef noodles. Managed to eat all 3 in one trip with the help from a family member. 211 more words


Watercolor Vegetarian Beef Noodle Soup - and gratitude


Been very occupied with many things. One of the big projects that I am working on is Sweet Veggie. This is a vegetarian restaurant that my friends own. 176 more words

Days Of A Peach

Day 7 - Travel to Hualien

So we woke up very early to catch our train from Taipei to Hualien. The only one they had available was one that left at 7:00am so we woke up so early. 200 more words

Beef Noodles - Cheong Kee Beef Noodle

It’s a clear broth beef noodles basically but I like mine as mee hoon kueh with the beef mix. Must try. If you are more adventurous you can order it as curry mee hoon kueh with beef mix. 12 more words


Beef Noodles - Lee Fong Yuen Restaurant

The best beef noodle I have eaten so far with it’s thick and dark broth and a huge mixture of meat and spare parts.

Lee Fong Yuen Restaurant… 6 more words