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السلام عليكم (assalaamu ‘alaikum = may peace be upon you)

Ramadhan is here!

It’s the time of the year when I spend a lot of energy thinking what to make for sahoor and ifthar every single day, lol!  264 more words


Korean beef patty

Tteok galbi a tasty and delicious korean beef patty made from minced beef ribs and marinated  in a sweet, salty, and savory sauce before it is grilled. 195 more words


The Kitchens BBQ Burger from Betty's Burger

This was a limited edition burger on the menu & hubs gave it a try. The Kitchens BBQ burger has beef patty, onion rings, cheese, bacon, lettuce & BBQ sauce (usually comes with tomato, onion & pickles too). 27 more words

Eat Out


A working Thursday suddenly became extremely interesting when a ‘naughty’ lunch was decided upon. This usually happens at least once a week at around 9.30am, someone in the office turns to the others and says the words “I fancy a delicious lunch today.” Delicious always being the keyword in that sentence. 605 more words

Patty & Bun, London...it’s hard not to be seduced

A good burger is a thing of beauty, a satisfying, messy manifestation of all things umami.

The main event is the Ari Gold. From the first, slightly salty bite I was won over. 95 more words

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