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Beef Plate Ribs

Aaron Franklin reports his favorite chunk of BBQ happens to be beef ribs.  Not the small beef back rib rack you can find in any grocery store but beef PLATE ribs that come from the underside of the cow. 162 more words

sous vide beef ribs

Having just acquired an Anova Precision Cooker, I decided to experiment with some beef ribs. This very useful page at chefsteps helped me choose a temperature and timing. 200 more words

Melbourne Food Blog

$$ Mamasita, Level 1, 11 Collins Street, Melbourne


Mamasita claim to be the first Mexican in Melbourne to offer an alternate to Tex Mex, maybe they started the trend that has evolved with many other places offering authentic Mexican food, if this is the case we thank them, because Mexican food is delicious! 530 more words


A closer acquaintance with various cuts of beef...

I mentioned yesterday that the air has changed and autumn is really here – it was not that cold as we wandered around the Underfall Yard, along Baltic Wharf and Wapping Wharf, but the season has now definitely moved from late summer to early autumn. 214 more words


The Most Wanted K-Food: OJJU!

Berawal dari pembicaraan ngelantur sama teman-teman di kantor tentang makanan Korea yang lagi happening banget di wilayah Kota Kasablanka (duileee), maka diputuskan lah sehabis gajian kita akan meluncur kesana. 489 more words

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The Big Short (Rib)

I finally got around to getting those beef short ribs from the plate that I’ve been talking about. These are particularly juicy ribs that come from the mid-section of a cow’s sixth through eighth ribs, above the stomach. 538 more words


Three Simple Side Dishes That Pair Perfectly With Beef Ribs

When summer’s in full swing, some of us tend to forget that every single sunny day of the season is worth celebrating. Around August, the novelty of heat has worn off for some (especially those sans-AC) and we find ourselves wishing we could fast-forward to fall. 598 more words