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sweet chili lettuce wraps

Howdy friends!

I hope that the weekend treated y’all well! This weekend we celebrated my grandparents 60th anniversary, and while it was a lovely day, I have eaten waaaaaay too much cake in the past few days. 418 more words

Beef & Sausage

stuffed mushrooms

Hello again friends!

It’s only been a few weeks but honestly, it’s felt like months since the last recipe! I know I always say life has been hectic lately… But really it has been. 435 more words

Beef & Sausage


Encouraged by the wonderful recipe, Broccoli Mushroom Cheddar Quiche published by Cooking With A Wallflower last month, i pulled together what ingredients I had and then tweaked it a bit to meet our tastes, discovering along the way that despite adoring black olives, i did not like them in  my recipe!   381 more words


sausage baked ziti


So I realize it’s been a few weeks since I whipped up something new, but here I am again! Classes are in full swing and I’m honestly still trying to get used to my schedule. 351 more words

Beef & Sausage