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Soap Making

Over spring break I decided that I needed a hobby that I would have something to show for, having a large collection of books didn’t seem to impress many people. 414 more words

Beef Tallow

Beef Fat Fries - Miller's Guild

Beef Fat Fries from Miller’s Guild (by request). For being a plate of straight up french fries, these were phenomenal! I already know what you’re thinking. 426 more words

French Fries

Travel Sets

These have been a surprise hit at the Markets!   I have a dear friend who makes the bags for these, and they go about as fast as we can put them together.   128 more words

Available For Sale

Dr. Mercola talks pastured meats and healthy fats at our holistic, integrated farm

At White Oak Pastures, we have expertise in three areas: animal welfare, regenerative land management, and rural communities. As farmers, we aren’t experts in nutrition. When osteopathic physician and natural health advocate Dr. 325 more words

Regenerative Land Management

Whole30 | Day 7: Case of the Mondays and an Offal Experience


I actually don’t have a case of the Mondays. I feel really good. I just wanted to quote Office Space because I love that movie. 412 more words

Post Sous-Vide Searing by Deep Frying

As promised in my review of sous-vide equipment, I’m going to write more about sous-vide techniques. This is the first post in a series, that will be in the new categorie “ 772 more words