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The Jerky Boy in my Life

Consumerism.  It’s brought us so many wonderful items.  But it’s also made us lazy.  Cars now tell us if someone is in our blind spot rather than the simple action of turning our heads.   470 more words


What exactly is Hunan Beef?


Hunan is the history of cooking in Hunan cuisine dates back to the 17th century and a state in China.

Into its the cooking techniques developed and altered during the course of history? 481 more words


Grass Fed Beef Burger

I know Paleo don’t have carbs so the bun is out as far as paleo goes but I had to use them up. Love the beef patty so moist and fresh and definitely tell the difference between organic grass fed beef and non organic. 122 more words


Brats with Purple Cabbage

I’ve made this dish for years, but I have always made it with regular smoked sausage.  Thought I’d try it with brats this time.  Good decision!  403 more words

Induction Recipe

Gail's Chicken Cornish pasties with beetroot salad and gravy

My favourite recipe that my mother made and which was previously made by my grandmother. I’d walk in the door from school and smell that smell and I just knew what she had prepared. 482 more words


Week Twenty-Two: Seasonal Fruit Crumble from "My Father's Daughter"

The weather on Saturday here in Halifax was beautiful – warm and sunny, perfect for barbecuing. Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to that. So even though it was gray and drizzly today, we barbecued. 278 more words