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Ive lost Count

Got a call last night to go see a lady in Bradford with a swarm in her garden. Easy job, all when according to plan. It was in an apple tree 5ft off the ground. 19 more words


How to Build a Beehive Box for Your Garden

The art of beekeeping is trending among gardeners, and unless you’re apiphobic (afraid of bees), it’s actually a very beneficial hobby to keep. Beekeeping not only encourages the health of bee populations and pollinates your garden, but you also can harvest your very own, homemade honey, in fact 50-100 pounds of it! 1,315 more words

Home Improvement

Fair at Heart

Yesterday I got to meet up with some wonderful people at the Try, Make, I Do wedding fair held at Trebah Gardens and hosted by the wonderful… 631 more words

Fine Art

Bee Lesson Number One

In the weeks since my grandfather died, I’ve been thinking a lot about what he and his bees taught me about life. A hive is a social community with rules of behavior and cooperation and love, which becomes more visible the longer you share your life with bees. 148 more words


Visited a beekeeper

This is something I dreamed about for a long time. I think it’s been around 4-5 years since I started to wish to visit a beekeeper, to see the bees from close, to observe their work and learn a bit more about these little creatures. 370 more words


One More Swarm

Got a call from a mate of mine to say his bees had swarmed at his allotment. It was a big clump sat on a wire fence. 34 more words