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Bee Hive Metaphor Offers Human Hive Disturbing Pattern of Survival?

Are metaphors useful when real life intrudes on their original power as a pattern framer?

For instance (almost a decade ago) when I coined the term “ 485 more words

E. Evolutionary Intelligences

Whats Switchables Fused Beehive by Krista Hamrick

“Take the note – especially the one that pisses you off.” – krista Vernoff

If krista discovers that she is in a circumstance that isn’t working, is sucking the life energy out of her, she “rips off the bandaid”, detaches and moves on to something that feeds her soul. 302 more words

South Shore Beehive Armoire with Drawers Pure White The

You can get these types of locking jewelry armoire in almost all the furniture store available on your city. The stores will help you decide the best locking jewelry… 313 more words

New Season ahead and lots of projects!

After one of the most miserable Irish summers on history the best one can take of it is that the trees have grown quite well, particularly the oak. 190 more words

Beehive Wig Blue An

The main advantage of building your own beehive is that it is much cheaper. Hives can be quite expensive to buy. Obviously the actual cost depends on the type of… 212 more words

Worry, Worry, Worry

That is, the end of summer and the beginning of cooler nights and the faintest of hints of fall and eventually winter. This is the time to check the hives for health and food. 371 more words