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“A little blue bird once said to me
That boy will make you lonely
People talk too much
When they talk to nobody
I’ve seen your type ’round here before…

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Bitches Broken Hearts

“You can pretend you don’t miss me
You can pretend you don’t care
All you wanna do is kiss me
Oh what a shame I’m not there…

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“And when I’m skipping with her
My heart feels a difference
Munch and munch, kiss and hug
Munch and munch, kiss and hug
Oh, he is my favorite little boy
Rosy, rosy, red, red”


As Told by Stephie Bee

“Someone once told me ‘the grass is much greener, on the other side'”

I say as it’s a blizzard outside. Welcome to spring in Pennsylvania.


Remember I Told You

I don’t like the way you went and told me, “Oh well”
I have the suspicion you’re not being yourself
I don’t suppose you have a moment to spare me…

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Two Ghosts

“We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me
Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat”



“You gon’ be sick to your stomach
Hit me when you free, 1-800
It’s emergency, call me 911
Cause right now I’m out here tryna find someone”