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Driving in the Wonderful Beehive State

I compute to work everyday. On average it takes me around 25 minutes to get to work driving on the interstate here in Utah. I have a lot of time to think and ponder while I am cruising along. 505 more words


The Beehive

In search of honey ,people deconstruct beehive which is well formed by bees and it looks filthy with many bees attached together but a single drop of honey is enough to seduce the taste buds of a tongue. 80 more words


Sarah's Honey

I named my honey after my niece, who supported the ideas of raising bees and beekeeping.  Sarah was really excited about the idea of  putting out a hive at Kembele.   21 more words


All Hail Queen Bey!!!!!

With her wildly successful sixth album still in rotation and having just wrapped up the sold out ‘Formation’ Tour earlier this month, Beyonce continues to slay and pull edges shamelessly with all the major keys she’s been accumulating. 122 more words

Welcome, Daphne

Short story:

New hive, all good.

Longer Version:

Well, this is a relief. I was rather sad after the demise of Apple hive, so was determined to gain another hive this spring, whether by swarm or by split. 459 more words