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Beekeepers Innovate

John reads Business Insider pretty regularly, and I must say it alerts him to some great ideas for this blog. Here is a story about innovative beekeepers by Simon Thomsen at… 242 more words

Stringing Beehive Frames, Grandpa-Style

On a recent visit to Grandpa’s house in Carmel Valley, he gave me his handmade frame stringer. Before laying wax foundation into empty beehive frames, you must strengthen them first by putting horizontal wiring inside the wooden frames. 69 more words


Game Night, a Bake Sale and a Beehive

Some days I feel like I spend every waking moment in the kitchen. One weekend not that long ago, I found myself with a lot of reasons to trash my spring-clean kitchen. 619 more words



Are you never ever getting that one hairspray that does everything it says on the tin?

Does your endless hairspray buys turn into a nightmare, when the products say firm, strong hold, easy to brush out, creates volume and flexible, but your left with sticky, rock hard, wet or a tried out look? 759 more words


Beehive Complex

Bees are the most fascinating creature on this Earth!

Late summer 2014 I was stung! We have always talked about getting bees for our homestead but now it was really going to happen.   781 more words


Bees in Ohio

While I was in Blacklick, Ohio (just outside of Columbus) this past weekend, I had a chance to observe and photograph the beehive of the folks with whom I was staying. 50 more words


A letter to A.R. about the live set "Beehives" of July / in Kaunas LT

Whether not to write, to write less, to write the least possible. Wether not to do, to do slower, to do in a most concentrated and exact way possible. 758 more words