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Onion at the Fringe: Sarah Kendall

The Edinburgh Fringe is fast approaching, and with a host of TVO favourites leading the charge throughout August, we are highlighting the shows you simply have to see. 663 more words


Full 1960's look

Makeup by me

Hair set and styled by me

Location: Brushstroke, Shepperton Studios

Model: Nicole F.

College Work

JULY 2016

It is now officially four years since we started beekeeping, and three years since we’ve had our own hives!

We started the season with two very strong double deep brood boxes, and a single deep and have now grown to 8 hives. 356 more words


Bye Bye Tomi Lahren! The BLAZE Audience is Dying - Literally!

It is the same sad painfully manipulative technique used by FOX news.Bring on a black guest to talk about how horrible black people are.  Have the female hosts bash on women. 2,061 more words


A bee look-alike came from nowhere and flew into my room.  It flitted around for awhile and then landed on my chandelier. It must have thought that it’s its beehive.   33 more words

Up to My Neck in Sewing

I promise I wrote an entry last night. Then my computer started acting up, so I tired of waiting and went to bed. This morning I had to do a hard restart and when I finally got my computer going again, my blog entry had disappeared. 1,074 more words

Tameka's New Dress is Beyonce's 'Lemonade' of Children's Books

Click here to purchase a copy of Tameka’s New Dress

Like Lemonade, I use political messages, themes and symbolism to get my points across in…

1,128 more words
Nelson Beats The Odds