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Adventures in Beekeeping (The Lawn)

Over the weekend the Significant Otter mowed the lawn, completely avoiding the hive because A) He has firmly stated he wants nothing to do with them and B) he’s slightly afraid of getting stung. 267 more words

National Building Museum Talk: WHAT'S ALL THE BUZZ ABOUT BEES?

Join Gabrielle and I as we discuss the evolution of modern beekeeping at the National Building Museum on August 15th, from 6:30-8:00 pm!

We are very excited about this event, and hope to see you all there! 13 more words


Adventures in Beekeeping (Week 1)

It’s been a week since the bees landed. I may have checked in on them a few times more than I said I would..

But they were drinking the sugar water, they were bringing in pollen, and what looked like drawing out more comb in the new frames. 169 more words

Watch out for the bees!

So you’re cleaning your gutters and accidentally disturbed a beehive – or a hornets’ nest… According to “The Big Book Of Uncommon Knowledge” – don’t try swatting them away – or running in a zigzag pattern, thinking you’ll escape. 61 more words

Intelligence For Your Life

Adventures in beekeeping (the beginning)

The bees have arrived!

I’ve been waiting and worrying for months now and now it’s finally time. I feel like a new parent, really excited and really terrified that I might kill them. 209 more words

Patterns in Kew Gardens

I went to Kew Gardens the other day with the camera. It’s amazing how a camera can change your perception: I went to look at flowers – but I saw patterns. 8 more words