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Writing Experiment: Day 8

I already mentioned using RescueTime to keep track of my productivity, but yesterday I also signed up for Beeminder, to actually have some accountability and not just me and my writing friend exchanging supportive text messages. 135 more words


All or nothing is not an option (or why I love Beeminder)

This post is about a better way of creating good habits in your life. I’m going to start with my desire to have the habit of working out. 1,104 more words


On Using TagTime

I got into such a strong posting habit for awhile there that if practically feels like it’s been forever since the last time I wrote anything. 1,121 more words

Review of the week

So my first week off has been rather busy, but not in the ways I expected. I’ve done some academic writing and reading, but I’ve done a rather lot of personal writing over the past two weeks. 339 more words

Random Thoughts and Research Ideas

I’m having trouble finishing a post I was trying to write about teaching and how I think, in academia, we sometimes select against traits that are important to being an effective teacher so I think instead I’ll try to brain dump about the various things going on in my head right now in no particular order. 1,078 more words

Maniac week postmortem

My maniac week was a great success! First things first: here’s a time-lapse video1 (I recommend watching it at the full size, 1280×720).

Some statistics… 878 more words


Akrasia and Anxiety

I’ve written before about mental illness, beeminder, and how I try to organize my life (http://inconsistentuniverse.wordpress.com/tag/mental-illness/) and I wanted to talk a little bit more about akrasia and how I experience it at someone who has pretty severe anxiety and other mental health issues. 556 more words