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Slowly Hacking My Way to "Having Written"

My former writing teacher at WritersCollege.com, Stephen Morrill, once wrote, “I don’t like writing. I like having written.”

My goal is to get to “having written.” To get a story, complete with beginning, middle, and end, done, edited, reasonably polished, and published. 379 more words


The Bottom Line: Writing Output Improved

My last few posts have all related to productivity in various aspects of my life — quantifying it and improving it. How’s that working for me? 539 more words


The Danger of Creeping Complexity

I have a regrettable tendency to over-complicate my productivity systems. Generally, this takes the form of adding new tools, in some cases better tools, to my system by “integrating” them, which means not abandoning superceded systems. 540 more words


The Beeminder and the Misfit

Now that I’ve set up my Beeminder goals, I’m looking for ways to simplify data entry. There are a lot of automatic data sources listed on the Beeminder website, but many of them won’t work for me. 942 more words


Guest Post: Beeminder and Habitica Go Together Like Bees and Carrots

Today we’re excited to bring you a guest post from our productivity pals at Beeminder! Read on to learn about our awesome integration, as well as how you can use Beeminder and Habitica together to ace your goals. 742 more words


The Wonders of Beeminder

As a person with addiction problems also diagnosed with ADHD, well, my natural thought process is all about short-term gain and blowing off long-term pain, if I even notice long-term anything. 816 more words


Goal Tracking with Beeminder 

Looking around for a to do app, I decided to use one called Beeminder.

It’s really a goal tracking website and smartphone app “with a sting” as they say. 238 more words