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Bedtime Stories- The Twilight/Fifty Shades Impact on How We (and Our Teens) Think About Relationships

As a little girl, I’d pretend to be Snow White and sing “I’m Wishing” over and over again. Clearly, the dream of a prince finding me and kissing me out of an evil spell was a child’s wish, not a grown woman’s. 1,717 more words

The slow paced guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of our favorite places in the world. We love everything about it: the city is not too big but offers thousands of possibilities, almost everyone is friendly (and really good-looking), the architecture and design are outstanding and there is a fantastic food scene. 652 more words


Mental Health Minute: How Honest Are You?

Last week when I was out shopping at a major department store, I found this adorable lamp for my desk. I popped on a cute shade and set it in my cart. 309 more words

Cancer Treatment

Το Brooklyn στο Χαλάνδρι.

Κάθε μέρα στην κουζίνα, χρειάζεσαι κι εσύ ένα διάλλειμα!!!
Να ντυθείς, να στολιστείς, να πάρεις τον αντρούλη σου και τα παιδάκια σου και να πάτε να φάτε κάπου έξω!


Turkey Bacon

Mmmmmmm . . . turkey bacon.

So, maybe you don’t have the same reaction to turkey bacon as me?  If the reason isn’t ethical, then read on.   354 more words


The Essential Elijah Pierce is An Exhibition that Travels the Way Woodcarver Elijah Pierce Once Traveled, with a Bible and a Book of Wood.

First, before warbling like an overfed thrush the praises of the Muskegon Museum of Art, allow me to confess a deep connection to the regional museum three blocks from my home. 1,332 more words

Been There

Ένα μοναδικό γαστρονομικό ταξίδι, μια υπέροχη βραδιά.

Ήμουν πάντα πολύ προσεκτική με τα δώρα που έκανα στον Mr. Papatsita μου. Eιδικά στα πρώτα χρόνια της σχέσης μας.
Λειτουργούσα με το σκεπτικό, «εγώ μπορεί και να φύγω, τα δώρα μου όμως θα μείνουν για να σου θυμίζουν εμένα». 30 more words