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  1. Start with nmap and found http port (80) open on which elastix/freepbx service running.
  2. Search for the related exploit and read,
  3. From above LFI vulnerability, get simple user access via browser but no interactive reverse shell.
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‘Fixing’ a Commodore 64

A while back I made a nostalgic impulse purchase on eBay and ended up with a Commodore 64 – a real breadbin style one, with no emulation in sight. 762 more words


The Pussycat Dolls – Beep (ft. will.i.am) color coded lyrics

Nicole Scherzinger | Carmit Bachar | Melody Thornton
Jessica Sutta| Ashley Roberts | Kimberly Wyatt 

( ha ha-ha ha-ha)
( ha ha-ha ha-ha)
( ha ha-ha ha-ha) 701 more words

Color Coded Lyrics


This fountain is right outside your cottage at the Bossy Spa. It is part of the caregiving team here. When you sleep with the windows open you can hear the burbling sounds when you are tucked in bed. 217 more words


Enable and disable system beep on Linux

Enable system beep

sudo modprobe -v pcspkr

Disable system beep

sudo modprobe -rv pcspkr

Cause terminal emulator to beep

printf '\a'



  1. https://linuxconfig.org/turn-off-beep-bell-on-linux-terminal

Cozmo: A toy aimed at children - and I'm captivated

Meet Cosmo.

He’s my new robot best friend.

He looks like a cross between Wall-E from Pixar’s animated movie of the same name and a digger. 899 more words