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The Great BEEP Launch

Employers, business leaders, mentors, the Motiv8-SW team and REEP* partners all got together on Thursday 1 October at the Innovation Centre, University of Exeter, for ‘The Great BEEP Launch’. 236 more words

REEP rewards!

Ten months ago we set out to pilot a work-readiness programme with a difference. A young person-centred journey of discovery with employment as one of the destinations. 221 more words

Beep Beep Boop

I often wonder what things would be like if I were a robot. Would I have the capacity to feel? Would someone have programmed an ability to sense emotions? 314 more words

Is "Beep" the Answer to a Faster Train Commute in Manila?

I first encountered contact cards for public transportation in Singapore when my family went there for vacation in 2012. I was so amazed back then because a single card can be used in their trains and buses. 667 more words


What the BEEP?%#@! Interpreting the Manila Car Horn...

If you’ve ever been to Metro Manila you’ll notice a certain symphony of sounds playing day in, day out, every minute of every hour. If there ever was a song that never ends, that would be it. 218 more words

In the Spotlight!

BBC Spotlight has been documenting the progress of some of the young people on our REEP work-readiness pilot. Film maker, Phil Tuckett and his colleagues have successfully squeezed ten intensive life-changing months into ten minutes! 216 more words

Solución: Mi teclado no escribe a no ser que mantenga pulsado unos segundos cada tecla

Estos días me ha ocurrido un error en Windows 10 (aunque supongo que ocurrirá en cualquier Windows); mi teclado no escribe, en lugar de ello, suelta un ‘beep’. 97 more words