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Solución: Mi teclado no escribe a no ser que mantenga pulsado unos segundos cada tecla

Estos días me ha ocurrido un error en Windows 10 (aunque supongo que ocurrirá en cualquier Windows); mi teclado no escribe, en lugar de ello, suelta un ‘beep’. 97 more words


Tuesday Post-birthday Haiku

Endless night journey

My inadequate wheels gasp

Cars beep angry, bored


Beep Beep

Having played in bands for much of my life, rehearsing and performing in less than optimal conditions, and dealing with less than ideal sound situations by making the best of it, I have always been aware that some damage to my hearing would be unavoidable. 744 more words


Quick Petrainer Anti Bark Collar PET853 No Barking with

A shock collar is probably the best way of correcting the behavior of your dog and stopping nuisance barking. You can test it for yourself and see what the… 400 more words

Dear fridge designer...

Thank you for designing me a fridge which produces a loud and incessant beep when the door has been open for more than 30 seconds, and which cannot be disabled. 369 more words


No more stripes, just "beep"

The Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) has officially begun its limited public trial utilization of the new Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS), at the Light Rail Transit Line 2 (LRT 2) – Legarda Station on Monday, July 20. 287 more words

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