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Gents: The Most Interesting Gent (Man) In The World

A true gent is leaving us (well, kinda, he just won’t be on TV anymore). Jonathan (great name by the way ;)) Goldsmith, better known as Dos Equis’ silverfox handsome immaculately dressed pitchman – The Most Interesting Man In The World, has pushed his last beer. 96 more words


For the Love of Beer

Digital restorations of old photographs can be tricky. Some can be outright nightmarish. The more one zooms into the image, the more damage becomes visible. Somehow it becomes quite obsessive to fix ‘everything’ and I have had nights where I’ve been dreaming in pixels after a long session at the computer during the day. 282 more words


a few words on truth in beer advertising

The ‘Beer the Beautiful Truth’ campaign by Lion Nathan has been kicking around for a few months and up until now I haven’t commented much on it. 1,236 more words

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