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BOATS - Part 2

And so it went. I began spending more and more time with Paula and her friends. If Steve had an abundance of coke, we got it free. 951 more words


Julian Edelman feeds Rob Gronkowski a beer bong in the 'Entourage' trailer

So I posted the trailer for the Entourage movie earlier today, and I totally missed the most important moment in the entire two minutes and 30 seconds: the one when Patriots’ Julian Edelman holding up a beer bong for teammate Rob Gronkowski. 88 more words


life skills

At what point in a person’s life do they stop being senselessly pleased at accomplishing small, run-of-the-mill tasks? Last night I successfully navigated my way home from the bowels of South Vancouver at 2 in the morning, by alien bus and a cab – and I am pleased as punch at myself for doing so. 682 more words

This Stepford Life

Best 4th Of July Mannequin Bikini Beer Bong You've Ever Seen? [VIDEO!]

A friend of Busted Coverage who wishes to remain anonymous sent us this from the 4th of July festivities at Mission Bay in San Diego. 71 more words


"Butt-Chugging", "Vodka Tampons" and "Eyeballing"...Do You Know What Your Teen is Doing????

Vodka…it’s not just for drinking anymore.

Who dreams up this stuff anyway? Teens…that’s who.

I have three of my own, one of which is heading off to college in the fall. 324 more words

6 Burner

The kitchen is the room we store  and cook food in. The kitchen is a place of endless dirty dishes.  The kitchen is a place of creation, conversation, and comfort.   496 more words

32 Great Beer Bong Moments In Tailgating History [Photos]

Are a few of the following photos weak? Of course, but they all can’t be 10s. Deal with it. Don’t even start emailing us saying, 61 more words