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BOATS - Part 2

And so it went. I began spending more and more time with Paula and her friends. If Steve had an abundance of coke, we got it free. 951 more words


Julian Edelman feeds Rob Gronkowski a beer bong in the 'Entourage' trailer

So I posted the trailer for the Entourage movie earlier today, and I totally missed the most important moment in the entire two minutes and 30 seconds: the one when Patriots’ Julian Edelman holding up a beer bong for teammate Rob Gronkowski. 88 more words


life skills

At what point in a person’s life do they stop being senselessly pleased at accomplishing small, run-of-the-mill tasks? Last night I successfully navigated my way home from the bowels of South Vancouver at 2 in the morning, by alien bus and a cab – and I am pleased as punch at myself for doing so. 682 more words

This Stepford Life

Best 4th Of July Mannequin Bikini Beer Bong You've Ever Seen? [VIDEO!]

A friend of Busted Coverage who wishes to remain anonymous sent us this from the 4th of July festivities at Mission Bay in San Diego. 71 more words


27 Really Bad Dads for Father's Day [PHOTOS]

Sure, maybe you’ve smoked a blunt or bonged a beer with dad after coming of age, but chances are he wasn’t getting wasted on the bottle while feeding you yours. 30 more words


"Butt-Chugging", "Vodka Tampons" and "Eyeballing"...Do You Know What Your Teen is Doing????

Vodka…it’s not just for drinking anymore.

Who dreams up this stuff anyway? Teens…that’s who.

I have three of my own, one of which is heading off to college in the fall. 324 more words

6 Burner

The kitchen is the room we store  and cook food in. The kitchen is a place of endless dirty dishes.  The kitchen is a place of creation, conversation, and comfort.   496 more words