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Choose the Best Beer Glass

Like a DJ, I am loving the requests. Ever since the post, “Choose the Best Wine Glass,” I’ve received requests to analyze other beverage glasses, notably beer glasses. 736 more words


A second point from the second preform.

I was more cautious with this one and it turned out longer. I tried to stick to my method, ventral first, then dorsal, then the point, however the angle of the edge face made me improvise a bit. 66 more words

Experimental Archaeology

Period bottle glass number two

This is one half of a piece of period bottle glass recovered from Chorlton Ees. My aim this time was to make a larger point and maintain some of the lettering on the dorsal surface… 293 more words

Experimental Archaeology

Foraging for early 20th Century glass and ceramics

Yesterday I had a foraging expedition with Nick Overton, Kelsey Lindstrom, two disinterested teenagers and dog. It was an eventful trip to Chorlton Ees in that we met a couple of guys dismantling a really well made shelter they had constructed in the woods. 378 more words

Experimental Archaeology

I need to stop this

I am aware that I am becoming obsessed with this little project and probably need to stop posting these things. However, before I do I need to discuss my most recent one. 272 more words

Experimental Archaeology

More on aboriginal glass Kimberley Point production

Today I received my second book purchase, the unfortunately named ‘Psychology of a Primitive People’ by the clinical psychologist Stanley Porteus. It was published in 1931 and is very much of its time, preoccupied with situating differing human groups into a progressive developmental paradigm. 409 more words

Experimental Archaeology

Glass Kimberley Points held by the Manchester Museum

This morning Elizabeth Healey and myself popped over to the museum to have a look at their Kimberley Points. There were two boxes with nine or so aboriginal points and a similar quantity of copies (some of which had been painted to resemble stone). 253 more words

Experimental Archaeology