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Foraging for early 20th Century glass and ceramics

Yesterday I had a foraging expedition with Nick Overton, Kelsey Lindstrom, two disinterested teenagers and dog. It was an eventful trip to Chorlton Ees in that we met a couple of guys dismantling a really well made shelter they had constructed in the woods. 378 more words

Experimental Archaeology

I need to stop this

I am aware that I am becoming obsessed with this little project and probably need to stop posting these things. However, before I do I need to discuss my most recent one. 272 more words

Experimental Archaeology

More on aboriginal glass Kimberley Point production

Today I received my second book purchase, the unfortunately named ‘Psychology of a Primitive People’ by the clinical psychologist Stanley Porteus. It was published in 1931 and is very much of its time, preoccupied with situating differing human groups into a progressive developmental paradigm. 409 more words

Experimental Archaeology

Glass Kimberley Points held by the Manchester Museum

This morning Elizabeth Healey and myself popped over to the museum to have a look at their Kimberley Points. There were two boxes with nine or so aboriginal points and a similar quantity of copies (some of which had been painted to resemble stone). 253 more words

Experimental Archaeology

Bottle glass Kimberley Point

This is my best Kimberley Point yet. It is made from a side (and therefore curved) section of a beer bottle. I have followed the published methods more closely this time in that I used a small hard hammer stone to approximately shape the piece, and then heavy abrasion and pressure flaking to finish it. 290 more words

Experimental Archaeology

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