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How was your weekend?

I hope Monday has treated you well. At least the weather has been treating us very well through the whole weekend. Let’s do a little recap of what happened during these sunny days. 293 more words


Will Beer Pong Ever Get Professional Recognition?

The Next Step for the Olympics Can Be Beer Pong

By: Danny Cacace

While Beer Pong has been a friendly drinking game that has existed for many years, many countries have been contemplating whether this event should be an Olympic sport. 622 more words


The Officially Unofficial Rules of Beer Pong

Okay so I have no interest in explaining the simple rules of beer pong to you. If you are reading this then you are definitely the kind of person that is played beer pong every single weekend at one point or another in life or you clicked this link by accident. 564 more words


Goodbyes and Hellos

I have now been home for 1.5 weeks and the sun is (uncharacteristically) shining. Since being back in the UK I have travelled to London, Leamington Spa, and Cardiff to visit friends and family. 664 more words


Best board games to play this winter break

It’s smack dab in the middle of the holidays, and for many that means a lot of time spent indoors with friends and family. And what better activity to partake in than a little ol’ board game fun? 439 more words


4 Overrated Party Games (That Are Ruiners in Disguise)

There are few things more subjective than the word ‘fun’. While we all love to be entertained, the way in which we reach that state of being may greatly vary from how the person next to us participates in that concept. 2,000 more words


My Obsession With Holiday Gift Guides

I think people either love or hate giving gifts. And it’s not about spending money, I think it’s more about the obligation of taking the time to really think about what someone might want (or need) that makes the task a burden. 571 more words

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