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Beer & Bike: Antwerp to Leuven

The Route

Antwerp to Leuven is a pleasant 60km route taking you along the railway between Antwerp and Mechelen and then along a canal the rest of the way to Leuven.   1,255 more words

Beer Pilgrimage

Getting the Noose in Ghent

Karolus, Carolus, and Karel

As a lover of Belgian beer, I am continually reminded never to take the names of the beers for granted.  I am sure that every beer maker puts some thought behind the name of their beer and every beer will have some historical link from the brewer’s own personal life or something far more grand.   1,344 more words

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Aachen: Having a Few Beers With the Father of Europe

Back in the 1950’s, six European countries got together and formed the European Economic Community, the precursor to today’s much larger European Union. Those countries were France, Belgium, West Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, and the Netherlands. 1,107 more words


Beer & Bike: Tongerlo & Averbode

One of my favorite things about Belgium is the way beer and it’s religious history are so closely intertwined.  Not that it is any surprise that beer and monks would be closely related.   747 more words

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Dionysian Bruges

Sitting down to write a blog on the subject of Bruges for the very first time would seem to be an easy task for those who know me.   1,967 more words

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Brouwersroute (Hageland en Dijleland)

Here at itsabrewtifulworld, it is sometimes not good enough to simply go to a pub and enjoy a beer. Remembering my motto that It’s not just a beer. 676 more words

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The Kulmination of All Things

In a certain translation of the Holy Bible, a verse goes “The end and culmination of all things is near. Therefore, be sound-minded and self-controlled…” If there was one genetic link that binds all lovers of travel, it is that we are motivated by an inner voice always telling us ‘Life is short and there is a helluva lot to see.’ While the world around us is quickly losing its mind and self-control, the travelers of the world have more fear to dismiss or push to the back of the mind. 1,292 more words

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