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The Kulmination of All Things

In a certain translation of the Holy Bible, a verse goes “The end and culmination of all things is near. Therefore, be sound-minded and self-controlled…” If there was one genetic link that binds all lovers of travel, it is that we are motivated by an inner voice always telling us ‘Life is short and there is a helluva lot to see.’ While the world around us is quickly losing its mind and self-control, the travelers of the world have more fear to dismiss or push to the back of the mind. 1,292 more words

Beer Pilgrimage

CHIMERA BREW PUB: Craft beer, hard rock and knock-out sandwiches, all in the same cave

Alcântara is still an area very much in a research and development state. It’s a great place for cheap, stunning seafood (near the train station), there’s LX Factory which isn’t really what it used to be anymore, and there’s still one or two other hidden secrets which will be revealed here in due time. 1,027 more words


Portland Trip Day 2 ポートランド(オレゴン州)旅行の2日目

This day we rented a car, so we escaped behind the confines of the local train system.


This was for only one purpose really– Multnomah Falls. 276 more words


7 Traditional Details Of Cafes, Beer Residences, Pubs, Taverns And Brewpubs

What exactly is the difference among night clubs, beer residences, cafes, and brewpubs?

Some have historical and cultural differences, although many people most likely think about these people to be the exact same or really related. 239 more words

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