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Idle Hands Craft Ales - Kill Your Idles: Pluot

I somehow ended up with a bit of free time last weekend and took advantage of it by making a quick stop at Idle Hands, my friendly neighborhood brewery.   283 more words


Cambridge Brewing Working Class Hero

Cambridge Brewing Company is one of the most under-rated breweries in Massachusetts. I can think of a few reasons that might have contributed to this. One is the styles of beers they brew. 352 more words

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Review: Sierra Nevada Sidecar

I was meeting someone out for dinner, but, true to my fashion, I was insanely early. This usually happens when I use the metro to go into DC – I don’t trust it one bit and always budget way too much time to get anywhere. 282 more words


Beer - #932 - Blackman’s - Ernie Golden Ale

Blackman’s Ernie Golden Ale – this weeks BeerJerk beer of the week. A bit late but I held out to Sunday so I could have the music on just a bit louder and longer. 455 more words

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Distelhäuser Brauerei - Kellerbier

I picked up this beer on the power of suggestion alone.  I had been having a hard time deciding what to buy and then I saw it – the last of its kind, just sitting out on the staff recommendation table with a friendly $3 price tag. 317 more words


Kobushi-hana Marzen / Baird Fest Lager / Sierra Nevada x Mahrs Bräu Oktoberfest

This year we’re even later to get to the Oktoberfest beers, but here we go – we’ve the Kobushi-hana Marzen, Baird Fest Lager, and from overseas the Sierra Nevada and Mahrs Bräu Oktoberfest 2016 collaboration. 1,208 more words

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Classical Beer Review: Alfa Lentebok

The next up for review in the supermarket series (see here and here for earlier posts in the series) is Alfa Lentebok. Lentebok is the Dutch version of the better-known German Maibock, a strong pale hoppy lager. 299 more words

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