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Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.

I stumbled up to the bar.  The man next to me was annoyed as I bumped into him uncontrollably.  “Sorry,” I said,as he looked at me angrily.   402 more words


Pay Day, May Day!

I looked down at the piece of paper in my hands.  “Five hundred dollars, sure don’t seem like much,” I wondered.   “Especially after dealing with Dyl, all day every day for the past week.   558 more words


What Have We Become?

Dyl reaches into his top desk drawer and pulls out a pile of papers.  He looks at them quizzically, as if he’s uncertain the language in which it is written.  647 more words


Do Unto Others...

I couldn’t believe my luck.  After only a few weeks merchandising for the Haze Brothers, I was promoted to sales supervisor.  Little did I know, I would be replacing my friend Ernie.   577 more words


The Life and Times of a Lowly Beer Salesman

It all started when my friend Ernie told me they had an opening at his place of work, Haze Beer. He said, “the pay was decent and they filled up your gas tank every other day.   533 more words


Beer Sales Of The Week

~ Natty Daddy 24/12oz Cans – $11.49
~ Beck’s 24/12oz Bottles – $23.99
~ Bass Pale Ale 24/12oz Bottles – $23.99
~ Redd’s Wicked Ale 24/10oz Cans – $21.99… 34 more words

Beer Sales

Choosing a Craft Beer Distributor Part I: Research

You’re a new brewery. Your taproom is flooded on weekends with eager beer drinkers. You have expanded in your local market and have received copious praise from tastemakers and local influencers. 507 more words