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Still time for stouts

Silas Whitley | Crumbs

Beer Comparison

This week I investigated two imperial stouts found at the Moscow Co-op. Those who enjoy stouts know what to expect when drinking one, but if not, stouts are distinguished by a noticeable roasted or almost burnt flavor. 560 more words

Happy Hour

But have you ever had to call somebody on the phone, somebody you wanted to get rid of, only you end up doing nothing but getting yourself in more deeply?

155 more words

Spoon Deep Gaming Episode 6: The One with that Darn Trivia

Jake and Chase explore what it means to be a gamer in this day and age while drinking beer. They enjoy a nice Lake Placid Ubu Ale and contemplate Destiny’s lack of content, Evolve’s new hunters and Behemoth, as well some new Halo themed trivia.   9 more words


T.J. Miller recounts his first job where he failed at giving away free beer

There was a time when Erlich from Silicon Valley (T.J. Miller) was a beer promo guy and he failed miserably.


Day 12 - The Irony

I found that whether if it’s going to the gym, for a walk or a run, or anything that is active and productive where I can clear my head and think clearly, that I have a very easy time staying sober. 286 more words


Craft Beer - A Hopumentary

Take a look at this 15-minute video inside the beer industry. 


A Trip to Maui Brewing Company

While in Maui, Scott and I enjoyed trying out the local brews – and Maui Brewing Company was a particular treat.

The we stopped briefly at their brew pub which is located at the Gateway Mall in Lahaina. 127 more words