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The Local Eatery Pub

The Local Eatery Pub

14655 Gray Rd, Westfield, IN 46062

On this evening I had laid a few units on the Washington Nationals moneyline, and I was looking for a place to enjoy myself and win some walking around money.   389 more words


Wolf Of The Willows Tiramibru GABS 2016

Total Score: 7.85/10

If you ask me what my favourite dessert is the answer will be a clear and concise: Tiramisu… or lemon meringue pie… or profiteroles… or banoffee pie… or gelato… or banana pancakes… anyway the point is: Tiramisu is the first thing I think of when I want my mouth to salivate, and those clever peeps at Wind in the Willows have made a Porter with Muscat port and cold-drip coffee – theoretically this should be the beer of the year for me, but let’s not be too hasty and let the hype train derail itself Doc . 356 more words

Lost in translation - Not

We had lots of craziness involved with construction for the last two weeks as new floors and molding went into the whole house.  The tired  (pink) carpet with no pad beneath it, the bold (pink) entry tile and shrunken (pink) linoleum were unceremoniously ripped out in clouds of dust and debris to make way for the new laminate floors we chose to replace them.   636 more words


What I learned during my internship at Big Rig

I’m a student in the Niagara College Brewing Program, and one caveat with the course is there’s no dedicated time for 4 months of continuous on the job training. 1,692 more words


Newstead Brewing Liquidambar Amber Ale

Total Score: 7.1/10

Next up on the Newstead Brewing chopping block is this Amber Ale. Now we know exactly what we’re getting in an Amber Ale these days, and that thing is: Malt, malt, malt, and? 398 more words

Boon Oude Kriek - Brouwerij Boon


A masterful fruit Lambic using 400g of wild cherries per litre to deliver a complex and vibrant beer with a strong fruity character and a bold acidic edge. 139 more words


A voyage of pumpkin discovery in three parts


This isn’t timely, but a recent blind beer tasting got me thinking about Autumn. But not the romance of falling leaves and soft layers of wool; nor the nights drawing in so you can cosy up with a loved one under a tartan blanket, because who can afford to put their heating on before December? 1,273 more words