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Party! Get Naked! Buy Us Beer!

Poor Bobby Dylan he’s been scratching around in the music business for a lifetime without even coming close to scratching distance of the power and simplistic genius of The Reverend at his worst. 934 more words

Record Collecting


When it comes to taking beer with you on an adventure, it can prove to be somewhat difficult sometimes. Sure you can take a can or three in your backpack, but what if you have a larger group? 368 more words


The Growler Stop.

Craft beer is hitting an all time high, and one of the most intriguing aspects of the movement is the growler station. Some grocery stores are installing them, a few have popped up in liquor stores in the area, but only one has landed in a gas station; … 208 more words


Rogue Brutal IPA

This brew was a nice little find at Central Market today. All around it has great appearance, nice aroma, filled with grapefruit, citrus and hops. Taste is much the same with a little malt, and a nice medium bitterness that finishes well. 15 more words


Beer:30... Henry Weinhard's Woodland Pass IPA

Dipping back to a familiar style, the IPA has re-entered my household. While usually I stick to random craft beers, I spotted one a while ago that I had never seen before by the name of Henry Weinhard’s. 338 more words


Beer:30... Mendocino Imperial Barleywine

Barleywines are a favorite style of mine, and every time that I see one that I have not had I usually buy it. There is just something almost elegant ending the day with a nice, slow sipping Barleywine. 148 more words


Beer:30... Meantime IPA.

IPAs are a mainstay in my household. Nothing finishes off a day better than a smooth, highly hopped, bitter IPA. Sometimes though, the West Coast style burns me out, and I start to look elsewhere for my evening beer, branching out to stouts and porters, etc. 254 more words