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How can you make Beer in your Kitchen?

Brewing beer in your kitchen or at your home can be simple or complicated as well. Many instructions are there that you have to follow to brew beer. 215 more words

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Nachos it's all about the Nachos

So we have a new date, we couldn’t take the insanity that is and have decided that we must reconvene to unload the total pile of shit that we are carrying around on a day to day basis.   175 more words

Antisocial Introvert

Unfiltered - Stone Delicious IPA

Is this beer delicious? Yes! Is it Gluten Free? Probably!

Watch as The Beer Friends get together and try the new offering from Stone Brewing Company. 24 more words



Food manufacturers have eagerly seized upon discoveries in vitamin research, and they advertise breads, cereals, candies, chewing gum, ice cream and beer containing vitamin D. Some of these foods acquire vitamin D through irradiation with carbon or mercury-quartz lamps, others through the addition of viosterol or concentrates of fish-liver oils.

The Libertine

1 Alumhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH4 8EL

“I’m in my happy place at the moment.” These were the words of senior designer Jon Lockhart having begun tucking into honey mustard coated sliced sausages served up tapas style at The Libertine. 569 more words