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Adding Crisco and Sugar to prevent mites

I know I have mentioned this in the past but I thought It was important enough to mention it again…. my dad told me to mix up a little Crisco and sugar and rub it across the hive entrance, this way they will walk through it and carry it into the hive, this helps prevent mites in the hive…which is a serious problem.


Upstairs Sleeping

The TV is off and it’s dark in here in his brain it is always evening. Where today is a person and today is what he is wearing, and everyday is made of Mr. 601 more words

Getting up close and personal with the Bees

I was able to be a little brave and put my camera pretty close.

The Bees

Taking the lid off the Bees

I’m always a little bit nervous when we take off the lid, of course we haven’t been doing this for very long and my dad wasn’t here to over see operations, however all went well no… 15 more words

The Bees

Smoking the bees

We were prepared to get into the thick of things with the bees, however they didnt give us a bit of trouble.  We took the smoker and did a little bit of smoking.   14 more words

The Bees

Adding the final hive body

I purchased a hive body, this will be my final addition to the hive. I will probably rob this one in the fall.  Ill leave the two existing parts for them to live off of this winter, there will be plenty of food for them. 42 more words

The Bees

Tracking the Bumble Bee

The bumblebees have hit the phlox pretty hard this summer. They crawl around the flower bunches usually spending a lot of time on the underside of the petals. 49 more words