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Look at these beautiful butterflies and bees

I’m still enjoying the autumnal colour, but I am starting to miss the longer days! Anyway, here’s a few photos from summer that I haven’t yet posted. 91 more words

Photo Set

Bees Wax

Bees wax in the form of caps

Bee Comb Caps

Melted Bees Wax

Cooled bees wax


new books: geraniums, gardening with native prairie plants, and gardening for bees

The plant lover’s guide to hardy geraniums, by Robin Parer

SB413 G35 P37 2016, Parks Library Tier 1

Table of Contents

  1. Why I love hardy geraniums…
  2. 426 more words

and now I'm afraid of grapes

Apiphobia, or melissophobia, is the fear of bees, and spheksophobia is the fear of wasps. If you search online, the results look promising, until you click on each page and see it is a marketing website to buy a cure for your phobia. 377 more words

Honey is okay for vegans, right?

Well actually the the truth about where honey comes from is not so sweet.

The Vegan Blueprint have kindly put together a short, illustrated, educational video for you to share with all your curious friends. 55 more words

Gardening is a nice little hobby to have; it helps you relax and puts a little more green in this world. My mother had a small garden she used to tend to when I was a kid. 712 more words

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