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To Bee Or Not To Bee

I’m not a scientist or a botanist, or an ornithologist, come to that, but one thing is clear even to me, a casual, lay observer – there are far fewer birds and bees around – a walk around my garden or the¬†fields and hedgerows near home tell me that. 672 more words


To bee or not to bee

Last night we had a hail storm that stripped leaves from trees and petals from flowers. The yard and patio are a mess. I went out with my camera to assess the damage and was happy to find many busy bees. 65 more words

The Three Amigos Ride Again

It’s quite a long time since CJ, X-Ray and I have been out for a stroll together. Back in 2010 it seems, although we started a walk together in… 421 more words


I Watch The Bees

Not too long ago, I was watching one of my favorite shows, Supernatural.

Sidenote: I’m summing EVERYTHING down for people who don’t watch the show, because…well, I don’t think anyone cares to know much about the biographies of characters they’ve never known. 339 more words

Lessons from #ENGINE business plan defense. 

I conceived an idea to get honey on my table everyday throughout the year. I wanted to produce this myself. After sharing this idea with my peers, I got a team and #BeeFactory was born. 303 more words


New Study Shows Common Insecticide Destroys Fertility In Bees

By Derrick Broze | Activist Post

A new study provides further evidence that a commonly used insecticide is causing harm to the honey bee population, specifically the male drone honey bees. 838 more words