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A buzzy busy bee

I am still on a bee mission. Here are my latest offerings.

This sketch is pegged to become a full grown reduction Lino print.

Art Work

November 30, 2015 ... from Clive towards the Kaweka Ranges

Yesterday was the day of wedding.

It dawned fine and clear, and the bottlebrush tree outside the motel window was almost electric in its colouration.  Bees were humming around, and all was well with the world. 169 more words


Megachile centuncularis: the patchwork leaf-cutter bee

Leaf-cutter by name because a leaf cutter by nature. Leaf-cutter bees cut pieces out of leaves, often rose leaves in gardens, to make cells in their nests in to which they lay their eggs. 137 more words


Zázraky Adventu

Nepotřebujeme ČSV

Potřebujeme jasné informace a svobodu rozhodování

Za včely nese vždy zodpovědnost včelař

Před soudem i před Gaiaou

Nadřízení včelaře jsou Bůh-SVS-Ministerstvo Zemědělství

Od těch je třeba jasných informací 246 more words


A Hive in Decline

The weather has been a mixed bag over the past month.  sometimes it has been wet and cold, sometimes just cold and sometimes warmer with or without sunshine. 705 more words


Honeybees' buzzing can shed light on Queen's fertility, study finds

The buzzing of bees can provide beekeepers with crucial information about the fertility of the queen in the hive, according to a new study which could play a key role in helping to preserve honeybee colonies. 634 more words


sweet little cherry bombe

Trailer for 2013 film More Than Honey about colony collapse in honey bees. The film has won a number of international awards and is rated 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.