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Bucking Bronco!

Carpenter Bee giving it his best bucking bronco pose atop a zinnia flower…


The Real Stinger

You are more likely to get struck by lightening 72 times than die from a bee sting. However, if you are a Honeybee there is a 30% chance you will die before winter. 402 more words

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Working Bees...

The sunflowers on my deck have finally bloomed, and some bees have caught on that there is fresh nectar and pollen to be collected. So the flowers are now covered in bees, and that’s alright. 10 more words


Save The Bees

Are you a coffee lover? If so I have some bad news for you. A research team modeled Latin America, specifically where coffee is grown. The team studied the area under several global warming scenarios found it could be problematic in the future for coffee and bees in Latin America. 285 more words


Harvesting Goldenrod

Ten years or so ago we decided to let the back acre of our property naturalize. We wanted it to be a haven for birds, bees, butterflies and all sorts of wildlife. 128 more words


Spider Season

“Will you walk into my parlour?”
said a spider to a fly:
“’Tis the prettiest little parlour
that ever you did spy.”

The Spider and the Fly 1834 – Mary Howitt – 1799-1888… 124 more words


Last Weekend of the Summer

17 September 2017 – Sunny and currently 32°F at 7AM – High of 67 forecast today

What the heck happened to the summer?  As all good times, it went way too fast. 514 more words

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