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The Bees of Red Hill Peony Estate

I am always fascinated by bees. I think many of us are! Of course, maybe not if you’re allergic or have been stung by one. These little beauties were happily mesmerised by the flowers in the sunshine, not caring about me in the slightest. 27 more words


I tried to save a bee

I tried to save a bee again this weekend. I was running on a trail and just at the end I glanced down and saw a bee lying stock still on the cement. 172 more words

19th November 2018 - Elizabeth Franklin, University of Guelph

My name is Liz Franklin and I am an behavioural ecologist and entomologist. My passions are wide spreading but I generally come back to the behaviour of individuals and groups, particularly in the social insects (that’s ants bees and wasps). 161 more words



My eldest son lives in London. Here’s his email today on the planet, the future, and Extinction Rebellion:

Have you seen #ExtinctionRebellion?   https://rebellion.earth/

They shut down the main London bridges in London yesterday. 475 more words


The birds and the bees

The day dawned wet and drizzly. With October having been one of the driest in years, the rain was more than welcome – all 11mm of it! 880 more words


The Orchard and the Bees

This was a challenging place for me to shoot. There were beautiful acres of all types of apples and, unfortunately, all kinds of bees.  Yes, bees.  25 more words