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Chop the Top: Beet Greens

I am still working with the beets that I bought from the farmers’ market last Saturday. My focus this time was on the beet greens, which I have always thrown away until yesterday. 201 more words


Beet Greens

Last week at the library I checked out a book called “Eating on the Wild Side, The Missing Link to Optimum Health” By Jo Robinson. I selected it because the fist page I opened up to talked about the history of apples and how humans, given all of the apple species on the planet to choose from choose the largest and the sweetest to grow in number, which also happens to be the least nutritious species. 517 more words


Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken

This chicken recipe is delicious! Best with drumsticks and wings, but good with even boneless skinless thighs ( found that out tonight)

With the chicken, I made corn, wheat bulgar, and beet tops. 128 more words


Jen's Quinoa Crusted Lemon Turkey

Yes…you can use quinoa as a breading.   You won’t believe how crisp it bakes up when used to coat chicken, fish, turkey (like I did here) whatever.   25 more words


3/29: Pocket Garden

Fresh greens from the windowsill: beet, daikon, and celery.

And here are the same plants one week later:

Growing these is easy as pie, except easier and you don’t end up with pie. 224 more words

Cherishing Our Cycles: Full Moon Beet Salad

The last few days, I’ve felt crappy.

And I have a tendency to beat myself up about it, when I feel crappy.

I tell myself stories about how I’m supposed to be doing such-and-such with my life and I can’t afford to feel crappy. 268 more words

Use those beet greens in your share today

Spring has sprung, and we are as busy as bees, planting and tilling, preparing for a big summer, and keeping the veggies flowing for the winter CSA. 433 more words