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Darth Vader, Omnibus: Vol. 2

Originally I was sad to say goodbye to this series but now that I have been able to distance myself I can understand why and I believe in the future there is major potential to create a show, film, or a book dealing with a whole other adventure with Vader as he progresses to the events of Episode V: Empire Strikes Back.  745 more words


Darth Vader, Omnibus: Vol. 1

This is my first omnibus I have ever read and own in my life and it is hard to conceptualized two volumes worth of plot and dialogue to be contain in a single review so I will try my best to provide enough details to satisfy those who are curious about the Star Wars comics and the expanded universe. 1,012 more words


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra 6

Today, Patrick and Mark are discussing Dr. Aphra 6, originally released April 12th, 2017. As always, this article contains SPOILERS.

Patrick: Most every Star Wars comic book, movie, video game or TV show is going to have to wrestle with history. 1,341 more words

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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra 5

Today, Taylor and Patrick are discussing Dr. Aphra 5, originally released March 8th, 2017. As always, this article contains SPOILERS.

Taylor: When I was young I didn’t want to be a firefighter or sports-star the way a lot of other boys did. 1,327 more words

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Doctor Aphra 2 review

Writer Kieron Gillen introduced us to the Archeologist/AI expert, Dr. Aphra, in his Darth Vader series. Along with assassin droid Triple-0,BeeTee (an experimental war droid from an imperial program that went completely wrong) and a wookie mercenary, she’s now starring in her own solo series. 356 more words

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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra 1

Today, Taylor and Michael are discussing Dr. Aphra 1, originally released December 7th, 2016. As always, this article contains SPOILERS.

Taylor:  Last month the outstanding  1,651 more words

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