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Video - Piano Sonata in g minor, 1st Movement

First, here is the video:

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Years ago I studied classical composition.  After fiddling about for a year or so, I took lessons with an established composer.  226 more words


A Trip to the Markets - a Photo Story (v2)

Feel like a little classical interlude? Here’s a photographic montage I made for a journalism/film/radio school assignment, but I’ve recut the film – I’ve changed the mood by laying down an alternate soundtrack and taken out all the narrative/sound effects that were in the original (those elements had been required as part of the assessment criteria on the original task). 46 more words



When feeling forms words into verse

Maybe sublime, poignant, punching powerful emotion, sad or happy, joy;–melancholy

It is a gamble

That the feeling reads through… 115 more words


Fur Elise?

Begin with a refrain
A hidden letter from the master
Waits in the white spaced dessert
Waiting for its 3/8 illumination
And agile digits fidget in anticipation. 163 more words

A piano is a universe

A piano is a universe

Time is a piano
           that you play
at certain speeds
           it has a signature
and a key
           to unlock its silence… 208 more words



Panopticon – Poem

’Panopticon’ (in descending chronological order)


Loved and loathed, Sweden’s anti-lockdown architect is unrepentant

Reuters UK-25 June

Sweden’s Covid Expert Says ‘World Went Mad’ With Lockdowns… 906 more words