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Change is good. No, change is GREAT!


It’s been a long time since my last update.  A lot of things have happened in my life in the past few months.  I have been in transition since late July.   758 more words

Weight Loss

‪Biosculpt Lipo‬ ‪weight loss‬ ‪session‬ ‪‎before and after‬ images. One of our satisfied clients shared her review and images for her session. She says “My experience with American Photon Lipo Centers was great! 17 more words

American Photon Lipo Center Review

Cottage Cheese Thighs - Take Three

Welcome back you freakin awesome Women Warriors!!  You all ROCK my world!  I look around sometimes and think to myself…look at all we have done!  All these people exist because of us!   1,365 more words

Everything Health

A More Effective Quitter

Oh hey… Guess what!

I’m not dead.

Honestly guys, I don’t know what happened. One minute I was stuffing jalepenos in my pants and the next thing I know it’s been nearly two months since my last blog post. 1,673 more words

Weight Loss Blog

BioSculpt Lipo Session Review

BioSculptLipo‬ ‪before and after ‎picture and ‪‎review by one of our satisfied clients. He did a ‪fullbody‬ ‪package and lost over 12 inches after his first session. 12 more words

Biosculpt Lipo Review

Waist Buster Session Review

BioSculptLipo‬ waist buster session review and ‪‎before and after image by one of our Satisfied Clients. She lost a total of 7 inches from ‪waist-buster ‪sessions‬!!! 8 more words

Biosculpt Lipo Review

"The Magic Trick"

What is “The Magic Trick” and what can it do for you?

The majority of us have some sort of restriction in our shoulders, in one way or another. 205 more words

"The Magic Trick"