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The giant geopolitical jigsaw puzzle which we call ‘The New World Order’ has finally been assembled. We can clearly see now that a tiny slither of humanity – an ethnic minority of the tiniest proportions, in fact, have manoeuvred and engineered themselves into positions of influence and wealth in Banking, Broadcasting, Government and the Mainstream Media. 336 more words

OTC Birth Control vs. State Control

Why would the Progressive Left oppose over-the-counter birth control? Let us count the reasons…

Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) has proposed a bill to eliminate the federal requirement that a doctor’s prescription is needed to obtain birth control. 403 more words


Proof of Hoax: Ottawa Shooting Bullet Holes Shown in Street View 2013

Honestly, when was the last time that one of these events wasn’t a hoax or some kind of psychological operation? Debunking these events is getting tedious, because they are done so sloppily, aren’t they? 537 more words

What's Happening In Politics

An unfortunate "tabloid" validates the Word of God

A couple of posts ago in the comments section, Ephesians 5:11 Blog was challenged for the purpose of this ministry. Unfortunately, the challenger was mishandling the Word of God and hurt his own cause. 1,634 more words

Ergun Caner

Creepy Old Photos

The website, Before It’s News, shared a collection of creepy old photos a week ago. I’m sharing the link here. I recommend checking them out. 10 more words

Science Proves Reincarnation

A feature of the Multiverse is that every frame of existence—every step on a pebble path—is in existence always.  It all exists in the NOW.  And so we immortal beings have many simultaneous lifetimes, some that from our perspective are in the past, some in the future, and some in our usual sense of now and simultaneously.  78 more words

New Earth

Exposé - Chris Kitze of Before It's News

Before It’s News seems to be a website where breaking news is brought to the public and considered authentic journalism.  While many contributors work especially hard to bring fresh news to the world, I’m one to also show the solution.  149 more words

Truth Sleuthing In Alternative News