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The M&M Report: "Everybody Wants Some" and Richard Linklater Movies

Devin sits this episode out as special guest host Miranda Batch and I discuss our favorite scenes, characters and moments from Richard Linklater movies before delving into the filmmaker’s latest. 85 more words

The M&M Report

Stuck on repeat... April 2016

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I’m not sure if my music tastes are slowly failing me but the recent additions of Bieber and now an ex WandErection-er makes me doubt myself. 656 more words


it's ok I dont need you anyway....

I don’t usually write much about films, except once last year I suggested 7 films for 7 days , but I am pretty excited about the new… 186 more words

The art of rejection

Rejection is a double-edged sword, literally. It doesn’t make anyone feel good, whether you’re at the giving end or the receiving end of it. How do you reject someone without making that person feel bad? 1,001 more words


Before Sunset | 日落巴黎 (2004)

Before Sunrise給我的感覺就是淡淡的,沒有在我腦海留下很深刻的印象。於是我抱著平淡的心去看續集Before Sunset,但這一次,我的思緒給它佔據了,戲內一幕幕的對話怎樣抹也抹不走。



一別就將近十年,他們都概嘆為甚麼當時沒有留下聯絡方法。 “I guess when you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times.” 每個人生命中總會遇到某幾個跟自己特別投契的,可能是家人、是朋友又或是情人。但感情再好,你不去維繫,花火始於有一天會消散。世界不是真的那麼細,有些人你可能以後都不會再見到了。即使十年後大家真的在街上碰見,也可能不再是從前那模樣。像Celine說,”The past is the past”,過去了就是過去了,你不能改變甚麼。 46 more words


The Before … series


The ellipsis above, as you might have guessed, is to mean sunrise, sunset and midnight. Before Sunrise, a movie released in 1995, is about two people who meet in Vienna and walk as they talk till Sunrise. 316 more words


Defying Gravity With Dialogues

There’s this idea people have once they’re left behind, people think they can replace those who left them. It’s ironic really because no matter what we do, … 382 more words

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