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Living > Breathing

So this is the reason why I was torn between pursuing accountancy and giving up during may 1 and a half year here in college. I’d live with the idea that I needed to have a job that will make my life better. 341 more words

Nothing Personal

James Ruskin - Before Sunset

This is light compared to the Techno that Ruskin is known for, but is still a slab of substantial music. From his ‘End To The Known’ EP (2009)


Can you fall in love after a day?

‘Six months from now, we’ll meet here,’ those are the parting words Jesse tells Celine after spending an incredibly intense day with her in Vienna. They promise each other to meet at the same spot in six months. 469 more words


In Romance and in Movies, Guys Sometimes Get it Right

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I suspect that many mothers spent some enjoyable time with their family this weekend taking in a movie. I know that’s what we did. 563 more words


Before Sunrise: Revisiting Richard Linklater's Sublime Romance

If you’re currently of the mindset that romance or love or adoration is merely a myth, and that all people are miserable and incompatible with each other, then let me make this quite clear – … 478 more words


The M&M Report: "Everybody Wants Some" and Richard Linklater Movies

Devin sits this episode out as special guest host Miranda Batch and I discuss our favorite scenes, characters and moments from Richard Linklater movies before delving into the filmmaker’s latest. 85 more words

The M&M Report

Stuck on repeat... April 2016

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I’m not sure if my music tastes are slowly failing me but the recent additions of Bieber and now an ex WandErection-er makes me doubt myself. 656 more words