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Before Sunset- Best Laid Back Conversational Movie!

Alright, I’ve never touched romantic films in my blog till now and feel this is the perfect film I must talk about! Though this is the second film in the breathtaking trilogy from the same team involving Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Richard Linklater and the third installment even getting nominated for the Oscars in best screenplay department, Before Sunset remains to be my most favorite and picture perfect films from this trilogy! 440 more words



“Time is so fickle” exclaimed Celine. “You waste it when early, lose it when late. Yet it lags when you try to count it and flies when you don’t pay attention to it. 223 more words


you can never replace anyone

… because everyone is made of such beautiful specific details …

Life Mosaics

Before Sunrise, Sunset & Midnight

Over the past few weekends we’ve had some time on our hands so decided to watch a series of films that we’ve had for a while but never seen. 440 more words


What Your Favorite Love Story Might Say About You

Twice a day, a group of work friends and I go for a walk of about 1.5 miles. During this time, we talk about literally everything from Socialism, the French Revolution, to current real estate trends, fashion, and Sherlock. 620 more words


Films I'm Watching: Before Sunrise Trilogy

I’m going to take a deep sigh and just pause for a second.

You know, I’m kind of disappointed in myself for haven’t watched these films earlier. 968 more words


briedžiai, gal jūs eikit pamiegoti, ką?

ko norėčiau gyvenime išmokti labiausiai, tai priimti sprendimus. žinoti ko noriu, kada noriu ir kaip noriu. aš dažniausiai žinau ko nenoriu, ypač, jei gaunu pasiūlymą iš kitų, bet net ir tada kyla abejonės ir tokie klausimai kaip… 328 more words