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Bella Rose Events- Sincere Appreciation

Excellence is a mix of profound gratitude, uncompromisingly high expectations, persistent action, unyielding focus, love, respect and compassion. Excellence is fueled by a sincere appreciation for the opportunity you have to make a difference.

33 Things I Want To Do Before I Even Think About Getting Married

1. Travel to at least four continents.

2. Be able to 100% take care of myself financially, and still be able to afford going out to dinner, traveling, some frivolous spending, buying gifts for my family members, etc. 918 more words

Have a Top Drawer Diva Hen Party

Every Bride wants their wedding to be unique. But why should your wedding be the only night to remember? Make your Hen party unique with… 192 more words

Hen Night

Metro Manila Wedding Events Spaces

Being a w@wie (member of Weddings at Work) made our wedding planning sooooo much easier! I got ideas of whom to get and how much is needed. 1,075 more words

Before The Wedding

Seeing yourself in an AD for Joel Faller on FB

Surprised as I was to see pics of our wedding used in Joel Faller’s Ad for Tagaytay Wedding and Travel expo… Nakaka taba ng puso that even with the simple flower set up (and very limited budget!!!)- Joel Faller’s Knack of putting together the decor is AMAZING… 84 more words

Before The Wedding

Measurement Guide for Men and Women Entourage

Some of our entourage opted to have their gowns made by the mananahi we got in divisoria for the the entourage. And since some of our entourage are from provinces, I sent them this measuring guide so that all they need to do if fill it out and send it back in. 1,180 more words

Costing for the Cocktails

Here are some extra costs that we had prior to the ceremony and the reception.


  • Bottled Water- Php6.50/bottle x 200pcs (good for 230guests) = Php1,300.00…
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