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Many Questions To Answer Before You Sell

Question: We own a single-family house in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Our children are grown and we are considering putting our house on the market. We want to downsize, and perhaps even move down South. 1,085 more words


When and why agents over-value

One of the most common – and most harmful – problems that Estate Agents create for their clients is ‘over valuing’ a home.  In other words, the agent assures you they can sell your home for a really high price…. 965 more words


What's is worth?

The methods by which Estate Agents arrive at a valuation are a combination of research, experience, knowledge of the current market, and intuition.  At very least, you can match the agent on research, and you can find out lots about the current market…  though you will need to use the internet to get the most accurate picture. 1,585 more words


Ontario Residents Feeling Favourable About Real Estate Markets

Twice each year, the Ontario Real Estate Association polls Ontario residents’ thoughts on home ownership and their local economies in the Ontario Homeownership Index.

This latest poll found that Ontario residents have experienced the largest positive increase in positive sentiment of the local real estate market and economy since 2013, when the Index began. 176 more words

Before You Buy

Customer Service is King!

This is absolutely and utterly crucial.  It makes no difference how many potential buyers see an advert in the paper, or request details by phone, or click on an internet link, if the agency is poor at following up leads and enquiries.   1,065 more words


Home Sales Drop Across Canada Again In June 2016

Home sales across Canada dropped by 0.9 per cent from the month of May to June, however actual (not seasonally adjusted) sales were up by 5.2 per cent year-over-year in June. 210 more words

Before You Buy

Hunting for house hunters

– why marketing is the key to choosing the most effective agent.

The job of an estate agent is to sell your home, to the right buyer, for the highest possible price.  2,996 more words