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January 2018 - Baby, it's COLD outside!

It’s been a COLD January, except for a few days ago when it hit 60° and then plummeted again – like a tantalizing taste of spring only to be thrust back into winter. 190 more words

strange as before


and held as its own adjustment

and whom

as its own before

and lasting

as its own choice

and who

as its own being… 50 more words


Constellations in the commonplace

Wednesday {January 3rd, 2018} 1.37 p.m.
Squint! – try to glimpse both the stars in people and the night skies that contain them. Constellations threading together as fingers interlock, laughter rippling through the chain, reinforcing the glee of each individual star. 1,048 more words

Vague Mess

Just the Befores

Every great masterpiece—sarcastically getting ahead of myself here—needs a great canvas. This is ours. Furniture, paint colors, etc belong to the previous owners (maybe their stager? 11 more words


The Walls Came Tumbling Down pt. 1

Hi friends,

This is going to be a two part-er. There were a lot of things that led up to the walls of our house coming down. 170 more words


welcome as before


and whom

as its own selection

and blend

as its own rule

and kept

as its own window

and said

as the below

and caught… 45 more words