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The start of something....

Here we go! Delving into the world of blogging, who would have thought?

So I would like to take up some of this blank space and tell you what it is that I’m doing, plan on doing and plan on not doing and to start it off I guess a bit of background on myself would help. 595 more words


When in Doubt, Vacation

I have just a few short weeks until my husband and I are sipping daiquiris, slathered in sunscreen, surfing for him, yoga for me, on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.  141 more words


Day One - Let's get started!

Today I woke up feeling a little groggy.  It could have been those final glasses of red that I downed last night.  It could also be some residual jet-lag from my trip to Europe.   360 more words


Growing a Success Bush

What separates me from other trainers is that I know exactly how it feels to be obese – to be in a place so far from where I wanted to be that it’s laughable. 935 more words


About Katie

PAST:  I have always been overweight –  HELLO – 9 pound baby over here. Even when I was younger, and a typical schedule meant an hour of conditioning and an hour of lifting 4x a week and then playing in lacrosse or field hockey tournaments on the weekends, I was still overweight. 147 more words


21-Day Sugar Free Challenge!

I sent this picture around to a few of my family and friends, asking them if they could tell which one was the before picture (taken in January) and which was the after picture (taken in February). 675 more words


My before & after - what finally clicked!

    Last January, my husband and I traveled with friends to Curacao for a week long vacation in the sun.  I knew I had gained a little weight, but I kept telling myself it was ok.  541 more words

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