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Scary Stories About the Infamous DJ Aoki

As far as I could remember, the craziest thing I have ever done in my entire life is to drive at 100 kph along the freeway with just a student’s permit… playing loud music and…  a little bit drunk… I knew it would attract police officers but WHEW THAT COULD PUT ME BEHIND BARS! 455 more words


Day twelve - splint off


I am sooo happy. Mr Tadros is an artist.

Top photo is before. Bottom ones are after.

Still some swelling to go down but I am so so pleased.


Training... Again

I’m signing up for a half marathon as soon as I get paid on Wednesday. I will start running and training again. Lots to update on… That will come later.



Restoration of a Vintage Mills One Arm Bandit

When we got this machine it was Canary yellow (yes, bright, Canary yellow). It was in bad shape. It was full of “bugs” (modifications to the mechanism), which meant it would never pay out. 66 more words

Day 40: Phase 2 Complete

Here I exist on day 40, twenty pounds lighter then when I began my wellness trek into results city. I did say I was going to wait a while before weighing myself again but I couldn’t resist. 310 more words


I'm Back with a New Hobby!

Oh hey there, it has been a bit! A lot has happened since my last posting in, ummm… April…but that is in the past so let’s keep it there, k? 261 more words


self inspired

In honor of #nationalfitnessday #goals #wonderwomanwednesday

This was me 2 years ago, my battle to get back to this continues. Me vs. Me