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Old Dog, New Tricks

I did an upper body workout this morning: Fitness Blender’s good old “Bored Easily” series, in which no set is repeated throughout the routine. I like those. 217 more words

I will never be the same...

*Warning – may contain too much information, you’ve been warned!*

The pregnant ladies in the movies always look stunning and have that glow about them. They never seem to experience any swelling and they never seem to have any issues with excess weight being gained in parts of their bodies that aren’t the exactly ‘the bump’. 516 more words


Before & After: Laundry Room

Whew! It has been a minute! I tried to unplug a bit for the month of September, blogging included. BUT… I’m back and so excited to show you our favorite renovation project since we started this circus. 401 more words

Look of the day 22- Fuchsia highlights

O schimbare de look moderna, accente fuchsia pentru o culoare a parului  vibranta si indrazneata.

Folosind o procedura simpla pe par natural se obtine efect maxim pastrand radacinile intacte. 10 more words


2017 Transphormation ~ My Story So Far

Although there is only one quarter left, I have recently started 1st Phorm’s Transformation Challenge. It’s a good motivator for me to kick my fitness up a notch and get my body  back to (and hopefully even better than) what is was like in the past.  327 more words

Brief introduction

As stated in my first post, I’m a 26 years old woman, who is seizing the day.  I’m making changes in my eating, thinking, behavioral patterns to transform my life. 312 more words