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Is Shea prophetic once again today?
Well, fasting in the desert ain’t his thing.
Self-abnegation’s not a game he’ll play.
He’s never really cared for hunger’s sting. 82 more words


Her skin was wrinkled

The brown dermis hard and cracked

Begging for some rain



– By Eniola Salaudeen

Like a flash of light striking a deep darkness, the thought of it had struck my clouded mind: that the people I give alms to are able-bodied men; men who beg with both uninjured hands stretched out, men so energetic they run after me when they see me make a gesture of giving. 439 more words


Dream diaries

Unknown adventure




One night I was with my friend Kolopa Laban; we were running away from something; we had one tiny torch to share between us and we went running through a playground. 100 more words


The Beggar with a Dazzling Smile - My Inner Voice

Even before the thought of giving her money crossed my mind, she looked into my eyes and gave me a dazzling smile.

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Creative Writing

I hate being at the mercy pf othee people. Begging isn’t really my thing.

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What's Your Truth?

I was on my way to meet an old colleague for some lunch. It wasn’t free: he wanted some advice or some such but, hey, it’s nice to get out. 788 more words

Thought Piece