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please don’t say anything.

don’t try to make me feel better.

don’t shower me with your endless love and support,

don’t write me another heartfelt letter, 23 more words



As I said in an earlier document,

Like all successful businesses Jack Cleveland Casino strictly controls costs. Waste not, want not. Especially labor costs. And most of all, overtime. 829 more words

Mark Crawford

On Street Begging and Society

           “The Poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me”

                                                        Matthew 26:11, The Bible, NIV

The inspiration for this piece came some months ago when myself and some acquaintances were chilling on the beachfront in Lagos. 1,024 more words


The Leech Family

“The leech has two daughters.  ‘Give! Give!’ they cry. Proverbs 30:15 NIV

Mr. Leech was so proud, his wife was giving birth to twins. As parents they had decided to wait until they were born to name them. 372 more words

Christian Living

Honolulu's disabled homeless

Do misplaced sympathy and constant handouts keep them on the street?

Feed the Need

Eclipsed by lust hidden in shadows of love. Lost in lanterns of flickering needs, but found in the wetness of wild abandoned words. I lick the memories from saline sighs you elicit, begging for more with eyes of rye.  20 more words