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Uusia alkuja.

Kolme vuotta sitten nti Kirjastotäti häikäistyi John Carneyn musiikkielokuvasta Once. Tällä kertaa oli ohjaajan seuraavan musiikillisen tuotoksen vuoro.

Uusia alkuja (Begin again) on ilmestynyt jo vuonna 2013. 252 more words


Recently, I had a slight rearrangement on my calendar. I had planned to take a weekend trip to southern New Mexico for hiking, soaking in hot springs, sightseeing, and taking pictures. 1,751 more words


At Your Lowest Point, Your Only Direction Is Up

Rock bottom. You’ve been spiraling, spinning, falling, and now you’ve crashed. You’ve sunk. You’ve shattered into what feels like a million pieces and you don’t have the strength to rise again. 638 more words

As Many Times As It Takes


begin again, again, begin once more
until the words flow freely never stop
begin until an ending’s finally sure

until no words are left you can explore… 105 more words


You Have To Love Someone Without Fear

You have to love someone without fear. You have to trust in things you can’t always see. Sometimes you have to walk with a blindfold on. 330 more words


you are not your yesterdays

I will never be the same person i was yesterday. I will also never spray my lawn with herbicides and pesticides. How do these two things relate you ask? 655 more words