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Beekeeping Calendar and Seasons - Springtime

If you’re looking for a simplified list of what bees and beekeepers do during the spring – look no further ;) Bees are very busy in the spring which means so are their keepers. 518 more words

Backyard Apiary

BeeKeeping at the Bungalow

Beekeeping With The Dude  :)

The “dude” started beekeeping about 15 years ago and learned a lot by reading, taking classes and trial and error. 220 more words



Finding a mentor and networking with other beekeepers is the absolute best way to get into beekeeping. It’s also a great way to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes the rest of us did! 578 more words

Backyard Apiary

Beekeeping Classes

We offer a variety of different class levels, however, our most popular is the “New-Bee Class” which offers beginner beekeepers hands-on experience as well as basic bee information. 148 more words


3 hours, 7 hives, 0 stings

Yesterday morning J and I visited a site used by Reigate beekeepers, as the bees at Polesden Lacey don’t need inspecting or disturbing today. He will take a look at them next week, but I will be away at a work conference then, so won’t be able to come down. 943 more words


Sunday 11th September

Clear to sunny, 16 – 18C

Reigate beekeepers secondary apiary x6 hives, plus 1 hive of J’s


  • Checked weight and hefted all hives – double brood hives had around 40lb (18kg), and single brood between 20 – 30lb.
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Taking Some Responsibility

today I took another step into the beekeeping world – I went out into the field (no pun intended) with a new beekeeper to meet the bees that we’ll be taking through the next season together. 722 more words