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A Beginner's Guide To Developing Your Skincare Routine

I’m not going to lie, I only developed a solid skincare routine a couple years ago. When I was younger, I really didn’t have anyone to tell me what products I should use or how I should take care of my skin. 964 more words

Skin Care

Kensei Advanced Guide

The Kensei commands the warriors of the Samurai faction. Wielding the Nodachi, the Kensei cuts through their enemies with skill and discipline using their mastery of combat to adapt to any situation and any opponent. 3,168 more words

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Conqueror Advanced Guide (Full)

Why Conqueror?

Conqueror is the one of the strongest Defensive Heroes in the game. He has the ability to punish enemies for misplays and missed attacks strongly, and a kit that allows him to disable enemies and negate almost all damage. 4,125 more words


Berserker Advanced Guide

Who are the Berserkers?

Hailing from the northern reaches of the world, the Vikings venture south in search of pillage and plunder to sustain their way of life. 2,607 more words

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Warlord Advanced Guide

Warlord Basics

The Warlord, bestowed his name upon being vigilant on the battlefield, holds onto his fighting spirit with shield and sword in hand. With both at the ready the Warlord is master in gaining ground, and pushing his enemies outward. 2,291 more words

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Shugoki Advanced Guide



  • High Damage
  • Shield for trading
  • Good throw ranges
  • Good special moves
  • Strong wall stun follow up
  • Stamina reduction combo

Shugoki’s strength comes from a few things. 2,592 more words

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