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Photography Tips Of The Day - Shutter Speed

Your main focus of taking a good picture is to get a clear result as possible. No matter how bright, how fancy or how good your object is, blurry picture is still blurry. 104 more words

Photography / Drawings

Time management

While I initially made this blog exclusively for jewellery making purposes, jewellery making is now a part of my life and, in Briana’s logic, this allows me to post about… well… my life (jewellery making related and not)! 828 more words


Well, who needs a fancy blog, anyway.

Hello! I started this blog a while ago now, but didn’t get to work on it while we had family in town visiting. In my mind, this page looks bright, clean, unique and interesting, with pretty thumbnails down the side that link you to my pattern pages on Ravelry, with Buy It Now buttons conveniently located and button shaped underneath each one. 653 more words

February 2015

Hi reader!

First of all, apologies for my absence. It turns out opening an online shop can be quite time consuming (who knew?!)!

This time we will be going back to basics; I’ll take you through what I consider essential if you want to roll up your sleeves and get creative. 654 more words

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IDPA match tips

So, you’ve shot a few matches by now. Wouldn’t it be nice to make an easy jump upward in the results without practicing for years? Well, most shooters can faster than they think. 147 more words

Getting Started

The Other Woodcarving Glove

It goes without question that when one is whittling or whittle carving¹, one should be wearing a good quality carving glove. The best kind have a micro steel wire, often stainless, sewn into the fabric. 374 more words

Wood Carving

Fusing Argentium Silver ~ I'm A Beginner

There is some sort of wonderful satisfaction in successfully manipulating metals – both in cold forging, and under heat, I find great pleasure and yes, JOY, in creating beautiful (or not?) works of wearable? 666 more words

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