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Beginner Next Steps

Once you get used to the basic settings on your camera you will want to start playing with some of the more advanced settings, you’ll want to: 259 more words

Beginner TIps

Beginner Tips

This will sound stupid but the first thing you want to do when starting out in photography is take pictures, lots and lots of pictures.  Take your camera out as much as you can, bring your pictures home, and take a hard look at them.   519 more words

Beginner TIps

How to improve thin upstrokes

While I have discussed thin upstrokes in previous blog posts and videos, I’ve gotten a lot more questions recently about thin upstrokes on my blog, on Instagram, and my YouTube channel. 806 more words


Don't Start off with a Dictionary

In this post, I’d just like to shut down one of the excuses for those that want to start music, but don’t REALLY want to, this one being the complexity of music theory.  228 more words


Improve your letters by practicing with two different colors

Over the past few weeks, I started this habit of using two different brush pen colors to demonstrate how I connect basic strokes to form letters.  764 more words


3 tips for connecting basic strokes to form letters

For the past eight weeks, we’ve reviewed and practiced the basic strokes every brush calligrapher should know. Once you master the basic strokes, you are ready to form letters.  839 more words


In my toolbox: A review of five brush calligraphy pens

Having the right tools can make all the difference in your brush calligraphy journey. It’s important to find the brush pen or set of pens that you feel comfortable with, understand how to use, and enjoy. 1,163 more words