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A Comparison of my Favorite Brush Pens

Not all brush pens are created equal.

Yes, they allow you to write brush calligraphy. But they are all different in their own way.

From the look and feel of the pen itself, the sharpness, flexibility, and stroke width of the tip, and even the shade and amount of ink that spills out – these differences contribute to the unique style of each pen. 781 more words

Beginner Tips

How to hold the brush pen

Maintaining control over your brush pen is crucial when first learning brush calligraphy. However, it can be a challenge figuring out how to best hold the pen, control your movement, and position your body, arms, and hands. 759 more words

Beginner Tips

When Good Animals Go Bad – The Do’s & Don'ts of Animal Photography

Taking photos of animals can be tricky. Let’s take a look at several photos of animals and discuss what makes them good and where they could be improved upon so you can learn how to take the best animal photos possible. 1,181 more words

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Practicing thin and thick strokes

The variation of thick and thin strokes truly define calligraphy. It is important to practice these different strokes and understand how they connect to form each letter. 568 more words

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3 ways to improve your brush calligraphy

The brush pen has quickly become my new favorite tool for writing calligraphy.

The ink is already there, the flexible tip allows me to achieve the varying thick and thin strokes, and I can carry the pen with me everywhere! 360 more words

Beginner Tips

Tombow blending palette + video

When Brittany from Tombow first sent me the Tombow blending palette to try, I ashamedly let the palette sit in the corner of my crafting table, staring at me for a while. 322 more words

Beginner Tips

My favorite supplies

Often I am asked what supplies I use, particularly in my Instagram posts.

I share my favorites in this post and hope they can help those who are starting out or looking to find better supplies. 574 more words

Beginner Tips