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Tombow dual brush pen overview

Let’s talk Tombow dual brush pens!

I created this post (with a video at the end!) as an overview of my favorite brush pen, the Tombow Dual Brush Pen. 332 more words

Learning Calligraphy

5 reasons you should take a calligraphy class

Why should you pay for a class when there are books, YouTube tutorials, and blogs for cheaper (or free)? I wondered the same thing myself. 630 more words

Learning Calligraphy

How I learned calligraphy

How did I first learn calligraphy?

Here’s the short story. I promise to write the long version soon after.

My 1st calligraphy class 

In September 2014, I took a local formal… 274 more words

Learning Calligraphy

Pendants and Charms

So, after taking some time to redefine priorities… here we are! While, of course, I need to create new items and advertise my shop to get it out there, I feel that the blog is becoming a very important part of the whole process; it allows me to share my experiences and it also helps me think outside the box. 368 more words

Arts & Crafts

Photography Tips Of The Day - Shutter Speed

Your main focus of taking a good picture is to get a clear result as possible. No matter how bright, how fancy or how good your object is, blurry picture is still blurry. 105 more words

Photography / Art

Time management

While I initially made this blog exclusively for jewellery making purposes, jewellery making is now a part of my life and, in Briana’s logic, this allows me to post about… well… my life (jewellery making related and not)! 828 more words


Well, who needs a fancy blog, anyway.

Hello! I started this blog a while ago now, but didn’t get to work on it while we had family in town visiting. In my mind, this page looks bright, clean, unique and interesting, with pretty thumbnails down the side that link you to my pattern pages on Ravelry, with Buy It Now buttons conveniently located and button shaped underneath each one. 653 more words

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