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Meditation Altar

One of the ways to enhance your sacred place for meditation is to create your personal altar, a place to reflect upon your personal and spiritual goals and beliefs. 214 more words

Beginner Tips

Sitting Comfortably

Numerous books and websites about meditation are filled with pictures of people sitting in a perfect lotus position. Ahh, good for them! However, if you are not a yogi person, it might be very difficult for you to sit and relax in that perfect pose during a meditation. 269 more words

Beginner Tips

Tips for starting out

Here are some little tips that might be useful for creating personal meditation practices:

  • Choose your favorite clothing for meditation as you would do for a celebration or special ceremony.
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Beginner Tips

Emotion of Devotion

..Or why you would want to invest in yourself daily.

Have you ever been frustrated that you have all that is supposed to bring happiness in your life: good job, money, family, children, but there is still something missing, something very important but you don’t know what it is?  156 more words

Beginner Tips

Silencing the Mind

It takes time and practice to get into complete stillness (more so in the mind than the body), so if you have thoughts popping up in your mind, consider the following: 340 more words

Beginner Tips

Should I really meditate every day?

Why to meditate every day, what’s in it for me, you ask? It’s not as if most of us go to the gym every day, so can you treat meditation just like every other part of your healthy lifestyle? 207 more words

Beginner Tips

Inviting the Four Elements

Through meditation we are trying to achieve balance. Balance in the mind, between the right and left brain activity, balance in our emotions, balance in our physical body. 138 more words

Beginner Tips