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Mainstage Workshop for MD's, Keyboardists, & Sound Designers coming to SF Bay Area - May 2018

Just announced! I will be holding a series of workshops on using Apple’s Mainstage 3 in the musical theater pit on May 5th and May 12th, 2018. 466 more words


Let's Talk About | Bloodborne - Five Tips For New Hunters

In case you might have missed it, Bloodborne was released recently as one of this month’s free games as part of the Playstation Plus rewards. Bloodborne is an, at times, incredibly challenging game pitting your skill against often insurmountable looking odds. 1,446 more words


Post Processing Tips in Photography

Post processing of photos as the name suggests is  changes made to the images after they are captured .  There are often times when the image that is captured by the camera is  not what the photographer envisioned  .After the moment has passed ,it is sometimes not possible to recreate the moment or reshoot. 906 more words


One big tip if you're new to the guitar: start with the perfect hand position

Learning guitar is hard in the beginning. Every finger struggles to find its place on the right string and in the right fret. When your fingers finally fall in line, the notes buzz or sound muted. 472 more words


Learn Photography - 8 - Closeup/Macro

When do you “wow” a picture? I am pretty sure; it happens whenever you see something that you never expected or not used seeing them on a daily basis right? 1,293 more words


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With Closeup or Macro photography, you see the subject up-close  and in a new light and it is truly a rewarding experience for the photographer. This post by Raj from Xdrive has some great tips and amazing photography.

Gym Etiquette for Beginners: 8 Gym Norms to Follow

The gym can be a very daunting place, especially for a beginner. It has its own culture, and within this culture are acceptable and unacceptable forms of behavior. 916 more words

Third Shot Drop Solo Drill

In pickleball, the third shot drop is important against good volleyers. Mark Renneson from Third Shot Sports shows a good drill you can do by yourself to work on developing a good third shot drop.

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