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Music People: Fun

Dang Joel, back at it again with another blog post!

This will be my other point about the importance of the people that you play music with. 249 more words


Music People: Talent

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and in that time, I’ve learned and remembered some things about playing with people that may help someone out there in their musical journey. 154 more words


10 tips for beginning runners

I’ve picked up running myself some time ago. I used to run often, about two times a week for a long time with a friend, but never picked it up again, until a few months ago. 970 more words


Practice Tip

Hello guys! So I was brainstorming ideas on how to make myself more fluent on all of my instruments, and I think I came up with a great plan.  147 more words


Beginner Weightlifting Tips

Good morning,  Tribe! It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I’m excited to share my quick, beginner weightlifting tips with everyone. As always, these are suggestions that you may (or may not) want to try out. 439 more words


Notes are Notes are Notes

The most helpful thing for me in learning instruments was learning the notes I was  playing individualy. Developing an ear to figure that out definitely helped out a TON. 236 more words


Twitter Beginner Tips

Founded by Vijay Krishnan and Jonathan Siddarth, Flipora gives users on Android and iOS devices personalized content through a sophisticated recommendation system. Flipora employs users’ social media accounts to drive its content personalization, meaning people will receive content that their Facebook and Twitter accounts indicate they have an interest in. 129 more words