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I’m not really keen on cars but you already know I do love animals. 131 more words


The one that started it all

One day I read something about a guy who was taking pictures of galaxies from his backyard with a telescope and an iPhone. I always wanted a telescope, so here we go. 269 more words



So I’m Maddy, I’m 17 & I have diagnosed severe depression & social anxiety. I’ve been on medication for around a year now & it’s undoubtably changed my life. 54 more words

Mental Health

Is Bitcoin heading into another bear market in the cryptocurrency world?

We love patterns right? Traders often look for repetitive elements in a market when predicting future trends. Here is a comparison between 2014-2016 and 2018. The timescales are different but this may be a sign that the market is moving faster due to much greater awareness from traders and institutional investors. 98 more words


Words of Patience

I use to stare at the blank page trying to force the creativity out. Putting words on paper that can evoke emotions is more difficult than I realized. 283 more words

Short Stories -- Through Prompts

Knit For Crocheters Series Day 9: How To Unknit Your Stitches To Fix Mistakes

Maybe you didn’t drop a stitch, you just made the wrong stitch in the wrong place. What do you do? You can’t frog it or you might lose all your loops off your needle. 88 more words


The Famliar Beginner @ The Gym

This is a modified exercise plan for someone who is already a gym member, sort of familiar with the equipment, and ready to know what to actually do to start seeing results. 453 more words