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Getting Started

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages today. According to Oracle, over 3 Billion devices run Java. Java is used in a wide variety of applications. 441 more words


Swiss ball lower back stretch

This is one of my favorite stretches to do on a Swiss ball. It feels good on your back but also gives your abs, chest, and shoulders a wonderful stretch. 57 more words


Programming Fundamentals: Conditions

The first article in this series of posts talked about how programs consist of instructions written in programming languages. When we write instructions, we are telling the computer what to do, and the computer executes these instructions in the order that we write them. 755 more words


Beginner Conversation Questions I

Beginner speakers also want to practice their conversations skills! Here are some beginner level questions. These are also great for intermediate students.

Make sure students answer in complete sentences to allow them to practice their speaking. 182 more words



Application: Representation of Numbers, Counting, Skip Counting, Grouping numbers by tens, Simple Addition, Simple Subtraction, Multiplication Tables, Equal Division of Even Numbers.

What it is: Number String of 100 beads broken down into ten groups of ten beads. 792 more words