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Low/No Carb and Fast Food

Diet is a huge part of living with PCOS.  There are a lot of things you shouldn’t eat, but again I want to emphasize that everyone is different. 301 more words


OSD - Day 16 Ear Sculpting

Day 16 – Ear Sculpting – 2017-10-18

References: Yes – Time Limit: None – Total time spent: 2hr

Am seriously considering having time limit as I find it unacceptable to spend 2 hrs on a small sculpt like this.. 35 more words

One Sculpt A Day

OSD - Day 15 Ear Sculpting

Day 15 – Ear Sculpting – 2017-10-17

Reference: Yes – Time Limit: None – Total time spent: 2hr

Took awhile to learn the anatomy. Not that bad once you get the blocks right.

One Sculpt A Day

Korean Made Easy Vocabulary Book Review and Quizlet

Learning loads of vocabulary is a huge key component to learning any language.  Often in the past and sometimes even now, during my language exchange I knew the grammar for what I wanted to say but I didn’t know enough words to make the whole sentence in Korean. 780 more words


Hong Kong: A First to Many Firsts

With less than a month of preparation, my first overseas trip came by in a blur. As much as I would have liked to go… 1,487 more words


REVIEW - Hook-A-Monster Crochet Class

A little while ago I decided that I was going to learn to crochet. I’d seen some tiny sloths online and fancied making some fuzzy faced, claw-handed little friends for myself. 792 more words


Midnight Walks

I still remember those nights we used to wander around under the radiant light of the moon in the streets with our fingers intertwined.

The way the streetlights used to light up your face as we walked around the deserted streets as though we were the only two remaining people on the planet. 50 more words