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Basic Sewing Kit

It is important to know what tools you have, what you need, and how to use them.

Basic Sewing Kit:

  • 1 pair fabric scissors (Never use on anything besides fabric, or they will dull quickly.)
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Scrap Busting Cotton Facial Scrubbies- Free Pattern

This is a very simple, basic pattern. There are no special stitches, and there is nothing fancy whatsoever in their appearance. If you just want a quick project, you want to use up your little cotton leftovers, or you are just beginning to learn how to crochet in the round (and want tons of practice!), then this pattern is perfect for you! 417 more words


End of the year

As the year wraps up we are enjoying the harvest (I guess) of our work all year. We’ve sown a lot of seeds, planted a lot of ideas, and now we are celebrating what has come of our hard work. 226 more words


There's Always More to Learn...

What I Want to Learn

I think that by going into something like Web Design, or really anything in technology, there is always going to be more to learn. 222 more words

Web Design

Chiquita Banana


*attempting to watching season 2 episode 4 of 13 reasons why*

While my smart TV continues to buff I guess I ought to introduce myself to relieve my frustration. 68 more words


Slow Mo the Sloth

I’m so excited to finally have the pattern available for this sloth! Isn’t he cute! Meet Mo. Slow Mo. He loves to have everything in slow motion, well he is a sloth after all! 265 more words



What is the purpose of being alive? Is it to feel things? Do things?
What if life is just a mixture of everything, all at once, and only some of us can handle that whilst the rest are left out in the cold? 293 more words