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Yoga as Pain Treatment

Opioids are all over the news these days. Whether talking about them in an addiction context or as a form of pain treatment, medications are constantly being discussed and debated. 223 more words


Pattern: Chunky Bumpy Beanie

I am 100% ready for cooler weather. Here in Wisconsin we got a small taste of Autumn the first week of September, and I was so excited! 179 more words


The Life Coach-Free PDF Pattern!!

Here’s a lovely finish of my free Life Coach cross stitch pattern stitched out by Sirusi on reddit.  Would you like a free, super easy, totally cute and totally doable quick cross-stitch project to give as a gift or motivate yourself to leave the house each morning? 119 more words


Kangal Guinness ve Yaban Domuzu

I’d like to share with you this story written by my dear student Ann Gogerty.  When I’ve noticed that she likes stories, I’ve asked her to write a story in Turkish.

833 more words

Learn How to Make Marbled Paper with Delicata Inkers

by Roni Johnson

I wanted to share a throwback background technique to a time when I just started scrapbooking and making cards. There weren’t a whole lot of paper choices out there so we became inventive and made our own. 267 more words


Where we start (Robosumo project initial thoughts)

I have to admit immediately- I have no idea as to what I am doing.

I did not take technology, DCG, engineering or metalwork in school, as none of which were offered to us. 583 more words


Week 1 LED Flash challenge - What I've learned this week


Black wires are always used for output wires and should only be used for 0V (ground). Red wires are the input wires (V+) for voltage. 454 more words