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I know that I haven’t written in a couple years when I was actually going to really start to write. To be honest, I have tried before and then failed because I was still in high school and got distracted. 164 more words

First things first…


First things first (I’m the realest😂)… No really first I want to thank you for finding my blog! I wanted to start by introducing myself: I’m Amy, nice to meet you and I hope you’re having a lovely day! 149 more words


What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports

Let’s start with fantasy sports. You’re probably already familiar with “sports” in some form. The “fantasy” part comes from constructing your own lineup of real, professional players from a specific professional sport. 825 more words

Daily Fantasy Sports

What is Love?

(Baby don’t hurt me) ((I’m sorry, I had to)

Anyone else sick of love triangles? I swear they are in every single YA book, and it makes me want to puke. 443 more words


Finding Aikido

Life is full of small miracles. Some people like to call them “coincidences”, but I think that “small miracles” is a much more fitting term. 634 more words


Beginners Hair Braid

Hey lovely,

hope you’re well. Today I will be guiding you through step-by-step instructions on how to braid your own hair. I hope you enjoy. 226 more words