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Oh no! Not another tech blog!

Oh no! I hear you cry, another tech blog? really! The internet has enough of these!

And, in a way, I agree with you. There are enough blogs, by people much cleverer than me, to cover almost all the topics you can cover. 88 more words


Aim to get fit: beginning to run

I need to get fit. I think this a lot. I’ve thought this for most of my adult life. Once, I got to a point where I could run for an hour. 332 more words


First upload

I wasn’t able to upload yesterday, but here is Day 2 of my art training!  There is still a lot to work on, but I’ve been reading and watching videos, so hopefully once I get the hang of using the drawing tablet, things will go better (no, it is not better with pen and paper).

Cisco Collaboration 101-2: CDP vs LLDP

CDP  (Cisco Discovery Protocol)

– Operates at L2

– Main function is to communicate and discover Cisco proprietary network devices

– CDP/CDPv2 is used for Cisco IP phone provisioning with VLAN and Quality of Service (QoS), power information. 192 more words


Understanding Weight Loss

Many people who regularly exercise, or who are beginning to regularly exercise share one common goal: weight loss. Frankly, I hate the term weight loss. There are 3 different types of weight loss: fat loss, muscle loss, and the loss of limbs and organs. 596 more words



I am glad to say that I have entered the world of blogging. I have heard many things about the blogging world, the good and the bad however, I’m excited. 105 more words


Github for Beginners

If you’re learning coding/programming and haven’t already, you must sign up for a Github account to showcase your work.

Some resources for learning Github:

http://jlord.us/git-it/challenges/get_git.html… 97 more words