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6 Weeks to Your First 5K

The attached training plan can get you off the couch and running a 5K in 6 weeks.  The training plan is made to fit anyone’s schedule.   42 more words


Proud Beginner

I was talking with some people recently about being a beginner. I have always been a champion of the idea that you can start anything at any age. 187 more words

Daily Tip 10: What are the differences between vector graphics and raster graphics?

What’s the difference? When should you use one or the other?

Vector images

These are images that use geometrical primitives to represent something. Each point has an X and Y of the work plane and direction of a path.

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Daily Writing Prompt #4:

Comatose in her hospital bed, she could hear every word they said. She wished she couldn’t.

Creative Writing

Beginner 7

Speaking: Using simple Adjectives

1. What do you usually wear when you go to school/work?

2. What is your favorite color? Why?

3. What is your favorite dress/shirt/pants? 444 more words


Beginner 6

Speaking: Talk about your Neighborhood

1. Is your neighborhood in a convenient location?

2. Are there shops, schools, parks, hospitals, banks or malls near your house? 399 more words


Starting Out

Here I am, joining the blogging community. This could be a phase, or become a thing. I mean, what better way to talk about what I want than to write about it and publish it to this beautiful internet. 46 more words