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The war within

The only thing I feel is the music reverberating in my ears.
There is no love,no hate,not even a single stimulus response.
I wake with the loud noise of the world. 93 more words

Canso plane crash, Tofino BC

Okay guys, just after I finished my first post, Jessica and I headed out to the Canso plane crash site in Tofino. This one is super cool, and once again, has some interesting history to it. 529 more words


Getting a Bike Fit

So I got my bike, I was actually pretty lucky because my husband had upgraded his bike and we both have almost the same leg length which means until I put some time in I can just use this bike. 320 more words


Eastern Shore Edition: Seafood Stock *and* Crab Bisque

Joe and I somehow got it into our heads last night that we could eat 2 lbs. of steamed snow crab legs. Several clusters in, we realized that our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. 506 more words


New to Fantasy Premier League

It takes a special individual to capitalise on the fallacy of clever formation play and team picks, whether sneakily deciding to invest £7M on Alonso as a RWB, or shelling out a massive 11.5M on a worthy Striker for a in-form team. 56 more words


4 More Tips For Beginner Knitters

As I said in the last post about beginner knitting, the first stages are so important. These next 4 tips are a bit more intense than the 6 I gave previously. 656 more words


New Fitness Beginning

When I was younger I didn’t have to worry much about weight as I was always slim and had a really good metabolism. Of course like anyone as you get older your body begins to change and it doesn’t quite treat you the same as it use to so you have to begin to change. 609 more words