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First Post. Everything Random.

I have never been much of a philosophical person. I am a confused soul. Ask me anything related to life, family, freinds, relationships and you’ll always get the same answer from me, “I don’t know”. 313 more words

Astrology for the Soul by Theresa Jupiter

Astrology can be helpful in a lot of ways. It is an ancient and unique approach that depicts the future and understands oneself. Astrology can also reveal damaging behavioral patterns and forewarn you of an upcoming life challenges. 500 more words


Aikido Principles: The Walk

Kenji Tomiki developed a kata that encompasses the basic movements for Tomiki style aikido. This series of movements is known as “Tegatana no kata” or, as we call it, “The Walk”. 207 more words



Published by: leo saran
Transcript covers between 7:52 and 10:54.

汉字 Pinyin English (Edward) (Google Translate) (Edward) 语法要点 Yǔfǎ Yàodiǎn… 649 more words


Published by: leo saran
Transcript covers between 5:19 and 7:52.

汉字 Pinyin English (Edward) (Google Translate) (Edward) 词汇用法练习 Cíhuì Yòngfǎ Liànxí 486 more words


Published by: leo saran
Transcript covers between 0:00 and 5:19.

汉字 Pinyin English (Edward) (Google Translate) (Edward) 第二十课:他们在楼下等着我们呢 Dì èrshí kè: Tāmen zài lóu xià děngzhe wǒmen ne… 854 more words