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Torbeyns on Why He Became an Open Theist

From Cross Theology:


The reason why I personally became an Open Theist was:
Imagine that God created you as the soul that would eventually become Judas Iskariot, the betrayer.

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NeonSlippers Intro !

Hello world !

Name is Slippers, NeonSlippers , and this is my very 1st blog ! Now what should i say first ? Ah yes, here is my basic info : 88 more words


Finally Wrote on "MUSICA!! Page....

Click here to visit KaiCarra’s MUSICA!! Page

 Now if I can just get my menu to work! :/



If I'm Reading, then I'm Jealous

A conditional statement:  If I am reading, then I am jealous.

I am absolutely jealous of all writers, big or small, who have managed to get something published:  an article, a journal, a novel, a biography, anything!   351 more words


Write-a-Thon | If Onlys and Maybe Somedays

Today I picked up Write-a-Thon by Rochelle Melander, a guide and exercise manual for a writing marathon. The text on the front says how to write your book in 26 days (and live to tell about it).   390 more words


Beginners Barbell Training Template

This is a template that I use (more or less — I do deviate from it on a case-by-case basis) with my clients to get them started in strength training. 1,471 more words

Strength Training

Day Three: Dangers

Today was marked as “optional” on my walking schedule.  Thunderstorms were a possibility.  The sky did not look too friendly, and wind gusts were strong. 339 more words