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Flat Abs Workout For Beginners

By Cassey Ho

If you want to get started with POP Pilates, start here. It is the best way to strengthen your core, shape your waist, and get gorgeous abs! 98 more words

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Flash fill

Many of us deal with data sets on a daily basis and generally it doesn’t come in the format that you need it to.  In Excel 2013, Microsoft include some functionality to help with this and allows for reformatting/adjusting the same data into another column – best of all, you do not need to re-type the content.  122 more words

Excel Tips


Step1 : ROW_NUMBER()

SELECT FirstName,
ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY FirstName) AS ‘Row_no’
FROM tblEmployee
where FirstName =‘Nagendra’

Step 2 : RANK()

SELECT FirstName,
Rank() OVER (ORDER BY FirstName) AS ‘Row_ID’

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Intro to Makeup: 101 & demo of application

This video covers the VERY basics of makeup application–like you’re 50+ years old and never worn it (hey mom!), you’re a 12 year old getting into it, orrrr you just have no friggen clue where to begin. 364 more words