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Three Quick Design Tips for people to get started in graphic design with no artistical talents!

Most people want to learn how to draw and create their own graphics but don’t have any talents. They don’t know where to start and what to do. 329 more words

Graphic Design

All about Ngāti and Ngāi - Part 1

What Ngāti and Ngāi mean

If you have ever encountered anything or anyone even remotely Māori, you will have encountered the words Ngāi and Ngāti… 172 more words

Teaching And Learning

Spokeswoman - How an “older “ lady started cycling!

Having been a life long netball player and runner I have suffered many injuries over the years. A knee cartilage injury around 5 years ago was the final straw and made me realise that I needed to find an activity that would be less impactful on my, by now, ageing body. 702 more words

A Beginner's Guide to Formula 1

Most people I talk to don’t like Formula 1. Most of the time when I make it known that I’m a fan I get bombarded with ‘It’s so boring! 1,844 more words

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Did I shoot the Pup (Sirius B)

One of the reasons I got into astrophotography, is that it is a way to have quiet time with a focus. Its a time where I can just go out and focus on something else. 476 more words


Yoga For Beginners This Morning at 8am EST!

After completing my first #kettlebellcleanchallenge2018 yesterday, my glutes and lower back are tight as a “you-know-what!” So happy that this mornings class is yoga, since I could really use some good ole fashion flexibility and stretching.  108 more words


Investing: Robinhood Is For Beginners

Among my friends and family I’m the point of contact for everything financial.  Most of my friends have never bought a stock before.  Unsurprisingly, they wouldn’t know where to to go.  497 more words