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Where Do you Start a Story

Where do you start a story? As a writer, that’s an interesting question. I guess another way of phrasing it is “where does the story begin”? 126 more words

Writing Process

Chapter Three

Ch 3 –

The warm rain splattered against her skin. Many identify Dromund Kaas as the seat of the Empire. The source of power. The might of the Sith. 803 more words


Hooking a Reader (Quote of the Day)

When I began the novel I’m currently working on, Ourselves and Others, this was my process:

  1. Thought, “I’m going to write a book based on what happened to me.”
  2. 400 more words

To Use a Prologue or Not?

Prologues—to use or not to use? A lot of writers are hesitant about employing this tool in their writing because they’re constantly told, “Don’t use prologues!” So, should we retire the prologue from writing altogether, or does it still have a place. 1,710 more words

The 'Big Bang' of Writing

The ‘Big Bang’ of writing has absolutely nothing to do with evolution. It has everything to do with the ‘hook’ of the story. It’s commonly said in order to hook in your readers and captivate them, you must use the ‘shock and awe’ approach. 1,474 more words

Where to Begin

“Where should I begin my story?”

This has been a big problem with so many writers – convinced that we can’t start writing our stories until we know exactly where to begin. 589 more words


NaNoWriMo - Update [1]

I has begun. Yesterday at midnight, I started working the keys. This sounds more prolific than I’ve actually been. For once, the hour between midnight and one is not my most creative and, for another, I wasn’t alone and undisturbed, and actually a little pissed about it. 470 more words

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