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Absorbing Time 


Time is confining. It lays the track for life to follow. It has ultimate control over the universe. Time is a constraint. It is ever present, creating beginnings and ends. 92 more words

Prayer for High Street Boy Scouts camping Trip 2015

This prayer is designed for morning and evening prayers.  Prayed top to bottom for morning and bottom to top for evening, closing with Amen.

We will begin each day in Jesus name, 80 more words


Beginning - End (citation 3)

{Notwithstanding the existence of some connections between schizoid psychology and psychotic vulnerability, I have been impressed repeatedly with the phenomenon of the highly creative, personally satisfied, and socially valuable schizoid individual who seems, despite an intimate acquaintance with what Freud called the primary process, never to have been at serious risk for a psychotic break. 234 more words


Beginning - End (citation 2) 

{In addition to the fact that these readers are expressing personal gratitude rather thanprofessional praise, I am struck by the use of the plural: “us.” I have been wondering lately whether schizoid people are in a similar psychological position to that of individuals in sexual minorities. 202 more words


Beginning – End (citation) 

{ “In the schizoid state we fear that our need to love and be loved will be frustrated and we become fixated at a stage where giving is equated with a feeling of being ’emptied out’, ‘… a catastrophic reminder of the sense of depletion derived from libidinal investment not responded to …’ (Kernberg, 1994, p.47). 138 more words


The Beginning of the End Part 2/d (my stepfather) 

My Step-Father
My stepfather is the son of a former military officer who served in the Korean War, and a woman who almost reminds a person of the mother of Norman Bates. 376 more words


The Beginning of the End Part 2/c (my father) 

My Father
My father plays an important role because, you could say, he placed the first crucial bricks down to “build my wall” (excuse the playful pink floyd reference). 617 more words