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Beginning of the End

It started out with an appointment

Led to a diagnosis

And now boasts of the beginning of the end

The end of our laughter and smiles… 164 more words

Sin, Chapter 19

Or at least, he tried to.

Time stopped. The blade stopped mid-air just before it could break the skin of Elliot’s neck. Elliot’s face was frozen, stuck in the midst of beginning a scream. 276 more words


Autumn too will fall…

I gets quite nostalgic
At this time of year
As the leaves hum a rustle
And the nights
Draw in near. 79 more words



Je suis l’amour

Je suis faiblesse

Je suis la force

Je suis impertinent

Je suis doux

Je suis chaud

Je suis froid

Je suis serrure… 167 more words

The Last 6 Months Of 2016

The Beginning of the End.

I wrote this post (quite surprisingly) 2 days before I broke up with my boyfriend – in the future I will refer to him as Aiden for ease and anonymity –  at this point I was in a flux: bouncing between an undeniable love for Aiden and a crippling fear he didn’t want to date me and would rather be single. 726 more words

Part 1: Prelude

This is the first part of a three-part goodbye to Goa, a place I have come to love like my own flesh and blood. This is the beginning of the end. 621 more words