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The Beginning of Something Better?

I used to think that being the beginning of the end of something was a bad thing and always was a bad thing, until it happened to me, someone was the beginning of the end of something for me. 259 more words


Alpha, Omega and Zeb

Many people are experiencing change right now, change in many forms. Whether it is surrender and releasing of old patterns, ideals or thoughts or a complete change in physical surroundings or circumstances. 1,191 more words

My Experiences

Beginning of the End

This morning before school, L and I were walking the dog around the block, as usual. Over the last few months, we all mention from time to time, that my stay with them isn’t permanent, that soon I will have to leave. 380 more words

Random Musings

Editors Of The World's Most Presigious Medical Journals : "Much Of The Scientific Literature, Perhaps HALF, May Simply Be Untrue"

We believe there’s much more to the heading on this article than meets the eye. In fact it’s another subliminal message from those complicit to the ‘Bad Guys’ narrative. 199 more words

The Reality

Beginning of the End

With a (somewhat) sappy Instagram post made and my backpack cleaned out, I can happily announce I have survived a very stressful junior year. Between multiple AP tests and an End of Course exam, as well as a few end of year projects, there was no better feeling than walking out of the building at three o’clock yesterday afternoon knowing I was free of homework and tests for the next two months. 233 more words