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Know Hope

This post is extremely personal, so I would really appreciate it if all of my readers would respect that and realize I know you may not feel or understand what I am going through, but be compassionate for the difficulty this is bringing into my already complicated life. 3,169 more words


Genesis 6:4

Science Rendition

rises up out of and above the cycles of compressive power, becoming distinguished and begetting a new, more noble state of being out of the corporeal man, wherein the spiritual and dynamic faculties are joined in a creative capacity. 343 more words


"New Beginning: A Wish"

Distant world, time unfurled,
where hunger and poverty are no more,
and the revelation of God as Universe rings true;
where beings work hand in hand, 43 more words


In The Beginning

Isaiah 40:21 – Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth? 1,497 more words


'Sects Monday 11/23/2015

FYI, this marks the 1 year anniversary of ‘Sects as a comic strip. I began this strip the week of Thanksgiving in 2014. I invite everyone to take a look back at… 32 more words


To be clear...

I never wanted to start a blog. I wanted to write whatever it was I wrote, on paper, and leave it there.

I assume it would eventually come to this.

So then, let’s begin…