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Try Something New

So here’s to trying something new…  I have always found blogging to be an interesting concept.  It’s opening a door and letting complete strangers in.   I admit, it’s scary. 41 more words



Humbled before the Void, cutting crisscross patterns into algorithms and alliances with star people, cleaving gender into spectrums that span light-years upon lightyears into every direction we know and the ones we don’t. 105 more words


"And so it begins"

“And so it begins” said Théoden son of Thengel that raining day. One of my best scenes in the whole trilogy!
And so it begins for me to start writing on a blog about my interests and my life experiences. 221 more words


The Millionth Something Post You Have Read About Gear

In a hikers world there are really only two things that matter. Hiking…..and gear. It is no surprise to you, and certainly not to me, that there is a billion posts on gear. 4,120 more words


“When do I get to put myself back together again?” I sobbed to my husband after an intense anxiety attack finally subsided.  Its 3 months after the birth of my 2nd child…a beautiful boy with a litany of health problems.

501 more words

The beginning

This is the start of something I hope will become great.  I plan to write about my journey with writing books, as well as the many lessons I learn from my struggles.   48 more words