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Here I am

Here I am. Almost 30 and living in the neighborhood I grew up in, in the house I grew up in, listening to the same music, wearing the same clothes, hanging out with the group of people I grew up with. 86 more words

Review: Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings


3/5 Stars

I am aware that this is only the first book in a longer series…however, as the beginning of an epic, it felt lackluster. 183 more words

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I feel expected to edit the basic text WordPress is submitting for me but I completely agree. The exciting journey of me sharing my thoughts and opinions on books, writing, possibly current events will take place here on this site. 26 more words


The History of........

Sitting in between blogs is when my brain begins to work into overdrive.  I have one feature out and I’m waiting on it’s return and another that I am waiting on approval.  1,112 more words

What is this for?

This is for a school project at FSU.

Inio Asano is a Japanese manga author who has made many works including Oyasumi Punpun, Dead Dead Demons Dededededestruction, Solarin, and Bakemono Recchan. 21 more words

Starting Out

I suppose we should start this journey somewhere – the beginning is just as good a place as any.

Welcome! I’m Brittany Thies, Artist-Adventurer extraordinaire! This is a cumulative of the inner workings of my mind, sounding board, and journey as a working artist. 415 more words


And, Action!!

Welcome to Heroes at the Summit, the news blog for everything that is comics, books, movies, reviews and information.  Born out of the mind of a guy who just likes all things nerd and wants to find a way to write and discuss these adventures with other fans.   78 more words