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Healthy Start

On February 4th, 2018, I watched a life changing, mind bending documentary. One that I’ve known about but had not wanted to watch, due to being in denial. 419 more words


I Used to be Engaged.

Rewind to 10 years ago. I was 17. I went to meet a friend and got lost on the way there. My friend Eric put his friend Michael on the phone to give me directions. 698 more words

The beginning.....

I am a girl who is living (surviving) in a metro city and trying to find ways to make life content and extra-ordinary and working towards it every single day. 147 more words


Something scratching at my brain

There have been a lot of false starts; trying to get back to my body-positivity. It was a lot easier to accept my fat body when I could run 18 miles. 139 more words


On the road !

Let’s the adventure begins!

Thank you for following, and I hope the little time spent (that you are going to spend) aqui was good.

Credit : William Farlow

You sketch better than a toddler?

You sketch better than a toddler?

Finding what makes your art better…

In my previous artcile, in really broad terms, we explored the extents of Art. 430 more words


Beginning somewhere.

Starting a blog was never part of my plans in an attempt to share my ideas and experiences, but considering how technology has brought us to this point, I’ve got to start somewhere. 92 more words