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Just a Thought

Sometimes all it takes, is a whisper of faith

      For a ball of hope to become a burning ambition


Intermittent Fasting

Hello and welcome! I feel as though this will turn into a post that I reference people back to, so I thought I’d say a quick hello and howdy-do! 284 more words

Weight Struggle

Told you I sucked at follow-through

The title says it all. Thank you WordPress for keeping my site even though I didn’t bother to log in over what…FIVE years? Wow, five years. 45 more words

Weight Loss

My first work in Word press!

This is my first time here in the word press and I learned more about the blogging. I read what is the most important key in the blogging, it is what you feel and from the heart you express it through blogging. 8 more words

Finding the way

I realise that my latest writing has seemed a little on the darker side so I wanted to bump one up that shows I’m still in a hopeful mood really … mostly ;) 79 more words

Guys, it's happening.

I decided to start a blog. And I’m paying for it, so hopefully that will keep me on track with updating! Here are some questions you may have regarding my blog: 851 more words

Java - data types and calculations

Yey! It seems I can pass high-school Math! Ha!

Pardon my enthusiasm, I was under the impression I suck at Math. Finished Module 1 of  173 more words