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Small Beginnings

We all have dreams, different dreams. We all want to achieve some amount of success and greatness.

It Begins With A Story

We all have at one point in time heard a rags to riches story. 297 more words


Beginning Exposure Therapy

I m starting exposure therapy next week and don t know what to expect. I m terrified that it will shatter the progress I have made this year and that it will make my symptoms worse. 54 more words

Fit Girl Here I Come...

Wahhhhh… I did it! I’ve signed up  – I’ve joined the Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Challenge! *pats self on back with smug look*…. But that’s not going to be the hard part! 86 more words

28 Day Challenge

That is the way we begin”
-Swami satchidananda

"He's in love with the idea of being in love."

That’s what I told a friend a few weeks ago about my ex-fiance. My friend thought it was a harsh statement, but it was true. I was engaged to the guy for about 5 years. 377 more words


Allow Yourself to be a Beginner

This is true of any skill in life, isn’t it? Playing a musical instrument, learning a sport, becoming a medical doctor, learning to read … all take practice over time. 250 more words