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Becoming an Atheist

Being an atheist was not always the case for me. Three years ago I was a proud Christian. I went to two different churches, helped out with food boxes, tried singing in the choir, and even lived partially the way a Christian is supposed to live. 279 more words

Date number one

Not really sure I can call this an actually date but I’m going to anyway. Apparently we both find one another familiar looking, we were sure we had talked at some point but I really couldn’t put my finger on it. 381 more words

In time.

Things happen to us , things happen in us.Seconds turn to minutes and minutes turn to hours and hours well, you know the drill… we keep growing and changing as  56 more words


Why Wordpress...?

After doing some research of what the best platform that i was most comfortable using to create a blog was WordPress.

Now not only are most of the features on this platform free to use but they also have a very user friendly and search-engine friendly content management system. 226 more words

Content Management

Chapter one: Beginning

This is the beginning: chapter one.

I have mixed feelings about starting new things, about beginning.

Here’s a little experiment to explain: You hand me a journal. 666 more words


Cracks in the Mine, Deep Down Dark

Right now I am on page 33. So far we know that the mine workers are nervous of the mine collapsing. This is because there has been unusual noises coming from deep in the mine. 214 more words


What's It All About?

Wherever you are in the world, you’ve bound to have come across the crisis surrounding mental health and the lack of care and support regarding such. 723 more words