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Let the Race Begin

Happiness is something that most people crave. Even though it is desired its effect is fleeting. So we have to constantly pursue it. Why not do it together? 169 more words

First Volunteer Meeting


The first Garden Committee meeting was held in the cafeteria. We had about a dozen volunteers able to show up, with several more emailing their regrets and continued interest. 182 more words


An Ode to This Great, Adventurous Life

The stars are alive at the edge of the world, the edge of reason. Consider the vastness of the Universe. The expansiveness of the human soul. 562 more words


It's ok...she's new to this.

Hi! I’m Shelby, and I’m new to this. “This” being adulthood, being a wife, blogging, military life, and many other things as well. I’m starting this blog both as a coping skill to deal with all of the changes in my life, as well as because I have a lot more free time in my life now and need something to focus on! 160 more words


Le début // The beginning 

As I write this it is quater to five in the morning. I haven’t slept at all – I think I’m verging on delirium.

I’m keeping this short and sweet for fear of scaring anyone away too early. 134 more words


Best CMS For You!

Content Management Systems


Out of all of the CMS WordPress is the one I would recommend to anyone who is looking. It’s more then just a blogging website.  369 more words


Hello World

So what does a college senior do with his week off, besides sleeping and downloading all the free movies and porn that he can lay his hands on? 350 more words