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Yellow Horizon

The raindrops outside my window have never felt so comforting.

Nature’s caress of love, of calm, and rebirth.

Looking through the window, I see a lioness staring back at me. 101 more words


The first post!

Welcome, to Chromebook Music Maker!

The aim of this blog is to discover and share online music making and educational resources which will help you to grow as a music provider.   76 more words


Why Blog? Entry #1 The Beginning of Contentment Questing

Hi! I’m Jennifer! The quick answer is because I need a hobby. I need to do something, I need some people interaction.  I am on my own contentment quest. 548 more words


Things I left on the way

As he was expected, I doubted myself. Am I able enough to shoulder this responsibility? Am I good enough to cater to his needs? Am I strong enough to grow up with him? 243 more words


The Beginning of a Breadcrumb Path To An Unknown Destination -- All I Can Currently Deduce From This Is A Sadness Only Words Could Remedy!

Firstly, I feel it necessary to point out the narcissism of blogging and the uneasiness that evokes in me. I have a fear of narcissism. No, really. 616 more words


So, I Started a Blog


okay, I know what you’re going to say,


Nothing at all, because no one will read this probably lol.

But seriously, I just want a place to put all my thoughts, ideas, and creative pursuits where I can get feedback. 181 more words


Going Back to Beginning...

David Elridge’s Beginning is a play which starts at the end of a party and ends at the start of something more. With this in mind, please accept this pretty silly apology for reviewing a show well after its run. 364 more words