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Writing Warm-Up Photo Prompts

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In The Beginning Peridot Sterling Silver Jewelry

Peridot Etymology In The Beginning…Used as an item of adornment from more than 2500 years, Peridot has been called amongst others: Pitdah, Topazion, Topazos, Topaz, Chrysolite, Olivine, Evening Emerald and Gem of the Sun. 16 more words

Where to begin?

I should probably open up with something witty or inspiring? I don’t think that’s me, I’m awkward, say the most inappropriate things at the worst time. 612 more words


The Mountain

These words ‘The End’¬†do not seem real when you start to write a book, especially when you sit down for the very first time and stare into the white void, onto that blank page where your story will find itself, where you will lose yourself, where your words transform¬†your vision into the book you’ve always wanted to write. 1,868 more words

The beginning you could say?

I guess I should start as to say why? To connect, let it be with people who enjoy my weird and unique quirks or to simply ramble to unknown people who may or may not click on this. 309 more words


Winter Interrail 2017: Day 7

Waking up in Abisko was a bit dramatic, the cold from the night before was still in my body and the hours of sleep were not a lot. 446 more words


Getting ugly: Excavation

4 February 2017

This is when things get ugly.

Today, the house spot started out coated in grass (albeit dead). Tonight, it is scarred the colour of rust. 168 more words