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Let’s start from the beginning. It’s my senior year in high school. I don’t think I’ve ever went to the same school for two years in a row. 474 more words


i wish thoughts could erase it and i wish words could heal
this is not enough time to express what i feel
our death tells of beauty, our life of the end… 235 more words


The Blog Post

Today, April 20th 2015, I have gained the courage i needed to start a blog. Something I have always admired and aspired to do. I’m not quite sure where exactly I located my courage but I’m glad to have found it. 46 more words


Chapter One - The Wedding

Songs can trigger the remembrance of things you have tried so hard to forget.  To me, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside, feeling a warm breeze, staring into the sky and listening to classical music, letting the sounds of the pianos and violins take you away.   649 more words


Open House: Crafts for Families *FREEBIES*

I have been pouring through resources for Open House.  Although it is still months away, I have this nervous energy about making sure I utilize every second of my “relaxed” last term of university to save me time in the future! 433 more words

One-Way Ticket to Nowhereland

My bags are all packed, the ticket is bought, and I’m heading out the door when I realize something’s got me by the collar and holding me back. 399 more words

Poem - Pain

The night falls quickly
as the sun escapes the horizon
and reaches across the calm sea
to the shoreline where a lone
figure stands atop boulders. 107 more words