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Creature of habit .

Initial, ma pregatisem pentru alte subiecte ( pe care le voi termina bineinteles in zilele ce urmeaza), muzica si mass-media. But, am atatea ganduri si nu pot sa le stapanesc, sa le asez intr-o ordine.Si nici sa le las de izbeliste nu pot, pentru ca ma chinuie, imi distrug linistea de fiecare data cand aud ceva legat de ele. 291 more words

Feelings Inside Me..

Giant Battle

The Barbarian pushed hard against the heavy door. He paused to let his vision adjust, then glanced around the cavernous chamber, searching the darkness for hidden guards. 1,365 more words


My Ten Commandments

So, following on from my penultimate post, these are going to be my ‘Ten Commandments’. I am going to print them out, put them up all over the place, make them my screensaver on my computer, my locked screen on my phone, make them nice and colourful, so that every day I have them to focus on. 880 more words


Blogging101 - Renewing My Neglected Blog

It has been over a year and a half since I posted to my blog.  So much has happened during that time.  Why didn’t I write about it?   419 more words


Highschool was a bitch

Its my own little haven away from the world. Maybe its how the cold tiptoes from the tiled floor into the soles of my feet or the way the vent fan dulls out the thoughts in my head. 1,166 more words


Youtubers to watch

Everyone who knows me knows how much I am obsessed with youtubers. YouTube is a platform on which you can do literally anything. I personally use it to learn something, make myself cheer up, out of boredom etc.

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Check Out

Tomorrow we start

The wooden pieces have been put together and the frames are formed and ready to go. They look so insignificant in comparison to the vision, which I suppose is the point really. 163 more words