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The first important steps

Greeting my fellow Yuricons, Nerds, Otakus and friends,

I welcome you all for joining me on my new website. This domain was opened for the sole purpose of spreading my work throughout the internet and into the hearts of those who wish to welcome me. 93 more words


An Unique Page Store: beginning & taglines

I made a store about rocks… It was a joke at first but now I’m too far and too into it to change it anymore. I like it. 160 more words


am i merely beige?

           Have you ever felt like you’ve been given a 120-count box of crayons and a beautiful coloring book full of intricate, scenic pictures, and for some reason you haphazardly yet thoroughly scribble over each and every page with the same beige stick of wax? 531 more words

Another scar may bless you

“Hey, I am the truth
Hey, I am the wisdom of the fallen – I’m the youth
Hey, I am the greatest
Hey, this is the proof… 1,387 more words


So You Wanna Eat Healthier...

Let me rephrase, so you’re going to start eating healthier; because truth be told you probably don’t want to. If we could eat pizza and ice cream all day and achieve the same results as chicken and broccoli, well, we would all probably opt for the first option. 1,058 more words

How I See It