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Exams just ended. Another year checked off. Another step closer to inevitability.

Personally I’ve never believed in endings. I’ve always liked to think that things don’t end, they continue. 302 more words



We are in bed, me sitting straddle-style on top of him, hands playing with the hair on his chest (god I love chest hair), casually talking about breakfast ingredients, plans for the day, selachimorphs. 334 more words



One cannot write directly about the soul. Looked at, it vanishes.” -Virginia Woolf

I always thought Woolf was a cool last name. If I could, I’d probably adopt that as my last name. 514 more words


It's a brave new world, folks.

Most people my age fall under three categories: 1.) You are in college, building your future while having an invigorating, yet promiscuous, alcohol fueled time. 2.) You have recently graduated college posting photos all over Facebook about how you can’t even believe you made it! 249 more words

Journal Entries

First to pop and planting the first main crop

The first to POP award is a tie between my Grandma’s transplanted daffodils from Cape Breton and our beautiful harbinger of Spring, the Forsythia named Georgette/Steve (depending on her/his state of blooming!). 317 more words


Baseline Assessment

So this is the not so fun post. Whenever you start any kind of undertaking from scientific studies to evaluating programs or even refurbishing a piece of furniture, you need to know where you are starting from. 270 more words


Fed up. Hoops Up!

It snowed again today.  No accumulation, but big, wet, yucky flakes came down.  Again.  Mother Nature and I are having a time out.  A pause.   849 more words

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