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Inside the mind

I love the little glimpses I am fortunate to get from my son’s mind. His 5 3/4-year-old brain organizes things and is quite specific, a trait I gather he inherited from me. 114 more words

Raising Entrepreneurs

Hiding between mama's legs

I was shy. It was no surprise that I was trying to mush my 5-year-old body and bright, strawberry-blonde hair between my mama’s short legs so that i could disappear. 200 more words


Git it done!

Lots of ideas without order.
Tons of excitement without focus.

Momentum. Motivation. Ideas! Nothing to show for it.

What good are ideas if you don’t get started on any? 136 more words


New Beginnings

I suspect one of the reasons we like New Year’s Day is that we like new beginnings. In that, we’re not alone. God likes new beginnings, too, apparently. 371 more words


Drafting my own pattern

i decided that I need to start using up my fabric stash by actually making some clothes. I can’t keep pawing the nice fabric and googling interesting patterns forever, I need to just bite the bullet and, you know, SEW THE DAMN THINGS. 277 more words