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New Bedtime, New Rituals

Once again, timing is always funny. The very weekend we talked about rituals, I was in the middle of a life transition. I had quit my job as a bartender that I had been at for the past 3 1/2 years and was to start my new job as a marketing coordinator on Monday. 675 more words


Confessions; preluding Redemption

How do you tell the people you’ve always fought for, that you’ve lost. That you’ve let them down. That everything you’ve blamed was a lie, to hold up this self-damaged fragile edifice of hope. 557 more words

Fallen, Again.

“Write Hard and Clear about what hurts”

Everything, Mr. Hemingway. Everything Hurts.

The Past. The Future. And this dreadful In-between.


A lifeless grey. But darker. 290 more words

Unoriginal Reality

I am not an original person. This is something I have feared for a very long rather-stupid period of my life. Merely a composition of the words that I hear, read and seldom listen to. 477 more words

Day 4 of 366: The beginning is always the hardest.

January 4, 2016

Well, that was a long day. Productive but not exactly the way I planned. Cut me some slack, those were just small steps, okay?!! 245 more words

If My Opinions Matter

It’s a New Year – 2016 (Woohoo!)

We made it through another one, eh! Just some thoughts to make you think about the year ahead. 424 more words

People And Places

Leaving a Trace

I found myself on a flight to California the other day to visit family. As we boarded the aircraft, touching our fingertips to the fuselage, … 825 more words

On Common Things