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the long run

All of my runs right now are long runs.

Here’s the deal: I kind of don’t like running. Growing up, I played sports – all the time. 482 more words


My top ten steps for starting a new veggie bed...maybe it will help a few dreamers?

Beginning any new task is very daunting for me.  I like to know what I am getting myself into and I like to know all the steps before I begin.   1,612 more words


The Stranger In The Mist 🌌

“Strange things did happen here, no stranger would they be, if we met at midnight in the hanging tree. ”
You were right there when I first saw you. 458 more words


But for now, we wait...

Sooooooo…..The garden plans are set.  The new seeds are mostly ordered.  The calendar is marked up. The early seedlings are started and some seedlings have already passed on to greener pastures because we forgot to water them. 861 more words


Beginnings Part Three: A Wrinkle in Time

Back to a book I love. A book I have a sudden overwhelming desire to reread. For the millionth time. And that’s where I want to start. 1,647 more words


Beginnings Part Two: A Game of Thrones

I decided it might be considered too easy to dismiss what is technically wrong when considering only novels you love, so I have chosen one I abandoned, and abandoned early on. 1,461 more words


The Aeneid of Virgil, Preface and "Book the First"

The preface of this book is basically a statement from the translator about how important it is to keep translations of poetry poetic. This is slightly ironic, as I can detect no trace whatsoever of either rhyme or meter in the translation. 211 more words